Remove EnterDigital Ads

What are EnterDigital Ads?

EnterDigital is an ad-supported program that may appear on your computer supposedly out of nowhere. Truth is, you probably acquired the program via some freeware or shareware application. Keep in mind that the advertisements labeled ‘EnterDigital Ads’, ‘brought by EnterDigital’ and similar appear on your screen because of this program, but it does not hold any responsibility for them.

It means that you click on them at your own risk. Since not all of these adverts are even remotely trustworthy, we recommend that you eliminate EnterDigital Ads from your browsers without hesitation.


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How does EnterDigital work?

EnterDigital has an official website Unfortunately, much like the program itself, the webpage is not very useful. You can not download the application from there despite the promising Start Now! button. The website and the program are actually very similar to other creations of SuperWeb LLC, a company responsible for a variety of ad-supported software like Gooternet, Techgile, Surftastic, Cling-Clang, Mossnet and many more. None of these programs are reliable and if you have any of them on your PC, you should get rid of them as well.

The main problem with adware in general and with EnterDigital in particular is that you can never be sure if the links, pop-ups, banners and other ads you see in your browser windows can be trusted. You could be exposed to misleading or offensive data and there is no good reason to take that kind of a risk. The fake advertisements could lead you to malware harboring pages. Infecting your system or falling victim to some other virtual scam is a real possibility when it comes to the ad-supported program. That is why we suggest you remove EnterDigital Ads. Once you do that, you will be able to surf the Web without the unnecessary interruptions from unreliable third parties.

How to remove EnterDigital Ads?

In order to delete EnterDigital Ads, you will have to uninstall EnterDigital from your system. That should not be too difficult to do, since the program is not malicious. Adware applications are usually listed in Control Panel, so all you need is to access it. Full manual EnterDigital Ads removal instructions are presented below. Alternatively, you can terminate EnterDigital Ads using a malware removal tool. The anti-malware software can help you scan your PC, detect all threats that are on it and delete EnterDigital Ads along with them. It is also designed to provide your system with real-time protection, so you will not have to worry about the various infections that you can catch online as long as you have it installed.

Tips on EnterDigital Ads Removal

Windows 7 & Vista/Windows 8

  • Start/Settings → Control Panel → Uninstall a program
  • Right-click on EnterDigital and select Uninstall

Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs
  • Choose EnterDigital and click Remove.

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