Remove Critroni Ransomware

Advices on Critroni Ransomware Removal

Critroni Ransomware, also known as Crypto Ransomware, Critroni.A or Critoni virus, is a malicious program that enters your system, encrypts your files and restricts access to them. It prompts you with a message that states you need to pay a fee in order to get a decryption key and restore your files. It is not very likely that that will happen even if you do pay the so-called ransom. Trusting cyber criminals to keep their word is not something we would advise. You should terminate Critroni Ransomware yourself. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if you will regain access to your files.


How did my PC get infected?

There are several ways you can get infected by a malicious program. You could have opened a corrupted link or an e-mail attachment. You could also have downloaded malware thinking that it is a legitimate program which is what most likely happened with Critroni Ransomware. If you have recently downloaded an application from an unreliable source this could be how you got infected. The Trojan you downloaded onto your PC has infected it with Critroni Ransomware. It could have looked like an Adobe Flash Player file. Keep in mind that malware uses various tricks to access user’s PC and if you do not have a reliable anti-malware utility it is not that difficult to do it.

How does Critroni Ransomware work?

Once Critroni Ransomware gets installed on the computer, it encrypts your photos, videos, documents and other files. Then a message appears on your screen that states that your personal files have been encrypted “with the strongest encryption and unique key” and that this key is stored on a server. The only way to obtain the supposed key is by transferring money to the cyber criminals within 72 hours. Once again, we do not recommend doing so. You will lose your money and not get back your files. Delete Critroni Ransomware as soon as you can. As for the encrypted files, it is always advisable to have a back up on a Cloud or external drive in case you get infected with a malicious application.

How to remove Critroni Virus?

The only sure and secure way to get rid of Critroni Ransomware is by implementing a powerful malware removal tool. Download and install the anti-malware program and it will scan your computer, detect all files associated with the malicious software and uninstall Critroni Ransomware completely. The other advantage of having a reliable anti-malware utility is that your computer will stay protected in the future. Manual Critroni Ransomware removal is not possible in this case unless you have advanced computer knowledge.

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