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Instructions on CoinVault Removal

CoinVault is a malicious ransomware that may cause serious damage to your PC. It enters the system and encrypts your .docx, .ppt, .txt, .crt, .jpeg, .gif, .mp3 and other files. It then places a notification on your screen that states you need to make a payment if you want to get your files back. Paying the so-called ransom is not recommended, to say the least.

It is rather unlikely that the cyber criminals will keep their promise and restore your files. There are other ways you can regain access to them. They will be discussed below. As for the malware, you need to terminate CoinVault as soon as you can.


How does CoinVault work?

CoinVault is a very serious threat. It is distributed via drive-by downloads, fake ads promoting various software or its updates, spam email attachments, exploit kits, and so on. Once installed, the malicious application makes certain modifications in Windows registry in order to be launched automatically every time you turn on your PC. Then follows the file encryption. The program encrypts important documents, photos, videos and other types of files already mentioned above. Afterwards, the ransomware changes your wallpaper with an image that displays a warning and explains how to regain access to your encrypted data. The malware claims that the only way to decrypt the files is by using a decryption key that you can purchase for €207. The payment must be made in Bitcoins and you only have a certain amount of time to do it.

We want to stress that it is not a good idea to pay the cyber criminals. Instead, you should focus on how to delete CoinVault and regain access to your data yourself. It may be possible to restore your files using back-up or Shadow Volume Copies. Shadow Copy creates snapshots of your volumes and files. If System Restore is enabled on your PC, you should be able to access this service.

How to remove CoinVault?

There is no question that you need to eliminate CoinVault from your computer. Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of the malware, manual CoinVault removal is out of question. Instead, you should download an anti-malware application that will uninstall CoinVault for you. The program will scan your PC, detect the malicious software and terminate CoinVault for good. The security utility will also be useful in the future. It works as a malware prevention tool and is capable of shielding your computer from serious threats like malware, spyware, ransomware, worms, rootkits and more.

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