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What is BoBrowser?

BoBrowser is a potentially unwanted application that can enter your system and replace your default web browser. The program was developed by CLARALABSOFTWARE. It is based on chromium engine. BoBrowser looks identical to Google Chrome which tricks computer users into thinking that this program is linked to the popular browser. The main problem with the unwanted application is that it displays various ads, pop-ups and other third party content.

It travels bundled with other freeware and has been known to come bundled with such potentially unwanted programs as, Genesis, MySafeProxy, MyPC Backup and others. If you want to return to your regular browser, you should delete BoBrowser from your PC.


Download Removal Toolto remove BoBrowser

How does BoBrowser work?

BoBrowser usually arrives via bundled freeware downloads, however, it is also possible to download the program from its official website Here you will see that the program is promoted as a useful tool that can improve your browsing experience by speeding up Internet surfing and download speed. It also claims that it comes with a free anti-malware application. Unfortunately, that is not true at all. The program will not improve your browsing experience, nor will it make it any safer. On the contrary, the third party advertisements may expose you to corrupted pages. If you follow a malicious link, you could easily infect your computer with spyware or malware. There is no reason why you should take these risks. Terminate BoBrowser without hesitation.

Although BoBrowser does have an official website, it is more likely that you acquired it via other freeware. In order to avoid similar situations in the future make sure that you pay attention to its installation process. It is important that you check all provided information. If there is a possibility to choose Advanced or Custom installation, always do. That way you will have more control over which components to install and which to avoid.

How to remove BoBrowser?

Thanfully, BoBrowser is not a malicious application which means you can uninstall it via Control Panel. Below the article you will find full instructions of how to do that. However, as it has already been mentioned, the program may have come bundled with other unwanted applications. That is why we recommend using a malware scanner that can determine whether or not there are other programs that need to be removed. Moreover, it is also possible to delete BoBrowser using an anti-malware utility. If you download the malware remover, you will be able to clean your system and make sure that it stays that way in the future.

Guide on BoBrowser Removal

Eliminate BoBrowser from Windows XP

  • Start ­> Control Panel ­> Add or remove programs ­> BoBrowser > Remove

Uninstall BoBrowser from Windows 7 and Vista

  • Start ­> Control Panel ­> Uninstall a program ­> BoBrowser > Uninstall

Remove BoBrowser from Windows 8


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8 thoughts on “Remove BoBrowser

      1. Kyle

        @Tyler, I had the same problem and what worked for me was:
        1. opening task manager (ctrl,alt,delete)
        2. ending all chrome.exe processes.
        After that try to uninstall again

    1. Kurt

      I had to boot up in safe mode to uninstall BoBrower. Now that it’s gone, I need to find and remove all the other little programs that were installed on the same day and time.What a royal pain. Also be sure to reset your browsers.


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