Remove Babylon Toolbar

What is Babylon Toolbar?

Babylon Toolbar is seemingly an interesting and helpful browser extension; unfortunately, not all users who install or have this tool installed are satisfied with it. The toolbar enables the user to find out the translations of any word visible on the screen and it is can be downloaded from the official website Does this sound interesting? Unfortunately, after some time, this tool becomes annoying and not necessary any longer, and if it is installed along with other applications, the removal of Babylon Toolbar becomes a challenge.


Why cannot I remove Babylon Toolbar?

Although you can download the Babylon applications from the official websites, the toolbar can be installed along with other freeware to which the installer of the toolbar is attached. If you cannot find its removal utility in the Control Panel, be ready to take some more serious actions. You should utilize a powerful spyware removal tool in order to scan the system and have malicious components that may be monitoring your browsing habits detected. I believe that you do prefer using the PC and browsing the Internet without the interference of an additional party. If I am right, scan the system!

 Why has it changed my settings?

While running the installer of Babylon, you may be offered to change your browser settings. Very often people do not read such information because they trust the tool. In this case, the toolbar can change the following settings:

– The home page of the browser
– The default search engine
– The page which appears when you open a new tab

If cyber criminals have managed to install Babylon Toolbar on your PC, it is very likely that they could install some malware surreptitiously. Do you want to be monitored or have malicious malware downloaded? I think that your answer is no, which is why I suggest that you make sure that all the infections that are present within the system are removed. To do so, use a reliable and powerful spyware removal tool.

How to remove Babylon or stop redirection

Babylon the toolbar uninstaller listed in most cases. However, this may not be the case when it is installed by the toolbar or some kind of false Codec. Additionally, uninstallation is not to restore the default search service, so you may be stuck.

In if you cannot find the Babylon uninstaller, I suggest scan your PC with Spyhunter . IT will detect most other doubtful the toolbar too. The the toolbar may be removed from the extension a list too. On IE the extension can be accessed via Tools-> Internet Options-> Programs-> Extensions. On Firefox, by Firefox-> Add-ons list.
If you are still plagued with Babylon redirection, you must remove it from the search provider list. I suggest to reset the Google or Bing in most cases.

Download Removal Toolto remove Remove Babylon Toolbar


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  1. Jose

    For 2012, which is what I have, go into Safe Mode with Networking by restarting your copmetur and pressing F8 as soon as it begins to boot. You can then use your internet. Remember, however, that the stupid trojan will be fighting, kicking and screaming while you attempt to work around it.


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