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AVC Plus Removal Guide

AVC Plus belongs to a family of famous rogues called Braviax/FakeRean. It is a fake antivirus that secretly enters your computer and starts showing messages claiming that your system is infected. Of course, this is all the scam created by cyber criminals in order to steal your money. No matter how professional or trustworthy it looks, we urge you not to trust this program. However, fake antivirus is not a problem that can be ignored and you will have to deal with it. We recommend to delete AVC Plus as soon as possible.

What does AVC Plus do?

As we mentioned before the creators of this rogue made sure that AVC Plus looks as real as possible. Since it strongly resembles other well know antivirus programs, the users usually do not question how it entered their computer. This malicious software infiltrates your system together with malware or through advertisements that are displayed in unsafe pages. Knowing that a program entered in such clandestine manner, you, of course, would look at it and its performance with far more suspicion.


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The moment it enters your computer, AVC Plus starts scanning your system. This scan always ends up in a long list of all kinds of infections that supposedly resides inside your PC. Do not believe this list for a minute, because the researchers proved that all the names presented to you are fake which makes the whole scan a big scam too. The AVC Plus has no way to check your system, since the AV itself is a malware program. We strongly recommend to remove AVC Plus immediately.

Unfortunately, the illegitimacy of AVC Plus does not preclude the fact that it will do everything it can to convince you to trust it. The malicious software blocks all main programs, including your browsers, instant messaging programs, players, etc. Every time you try to launch them, the AV shows you a warning claiming that the program you wish to open is infected with a Trojan or a Worm. It also insists that you buy a full package of this AV to clean your computer. Know that if you agree, you basically pay cyber criminals that infected your system for a useless software. Also remember that hackers get your credit card information when you purchase the full version of this fake antivirus. To protect yourself an your system you need to eliminate AVC Plus.

How to remove AVC Plus?

This rogue does not have free license numbers for activating, which means that there is no way around the activation. You cannot terminate AVC Plus through Control Panel too, because it does not have any uninstall file. The AVC Plus removal is quite difficult and yous should not attempt it yourself. Employ a legitimate antimalware and let it delete AVC Plus. The smallest mistake in the process can have serious consequences.

Uninstall AVC Plus



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