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What is Atuzi?

Atuzi is categorized as an adware which is mainly related with various advertisements and pop-ups that disturb your browsing and searching activities. Despite the attempts to try advertising this application as a useful tool which is supposed to help you enhance your browsing experience and shopping online habits, you should know that Atuzi is just another potentially unwanted application. Be aware that Atuzi can enter your computer’s system when you are not expecting it at all and then modify the main settings of your browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).

So, even if you might enjoy some special shopping online offers provided by this adware we recommend you to remove Atuzi straightaway.

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How can Atuzi infiltrate your computer?

If you are mislead about apparent positive aspects of this application you can download Atuzi from the official website Actually, this application may look quite reliable. In addition to that, in the official website (under the Support section) you can find quite a lot of information about this application (even the removal instructions). However, you should know that it’s just a tricky game in order to make you believe that you need to download and install Atuzi as to improve the quality of your shopping online practices. However, even you do not choose to intentionally download and install this browser add-on, it can reach your computer’s system in other scheming ways as well. In other words it means that cyber criminals may bundle Atuzi (or any other possibly unwanted application) together with software that you can easily download inside your computer. Be aware that you are facing especially high risk to get some unexpected infection when you agree to let any free application to come inside you PC. So, in order to avoid such unpleasant situations, it is essential that you would download and install only genuine programs provided in official webpages. Moreover, it is very important to be more attentive during the installation procedure and instead of clicking on the ‘Next’ button, better read the supplementary information which may hide some additional and unwanted files.


How does Atuzi work?

Of course, one of the most significant and adverse effects provided by Atuzi application is a wast amount of advertisements, coupons, special offers and other type of notifications which may pop-up as soon as you open your browser. You can easily differentiate that such various messages are provided by Atuzi because in most often cases they are labeled as being ‘Ads by Atuzi’, Powered by Atuzi or ‘Atuzi Deals’. However, you must never click on any such notifications because they may not only be really harmful but with every irresponsible click you may be redirected to some doubtful websites. You may also feel what it means to be redirected to other pages even if you do not click on any notification provided by Atuzi. In general, Atuzi, as all the other similar adwares, is generated in order to infiltrate random computers and then get the maximum benefit from this action. However, we guess that the highest danger may fall on to you when this potentially unwanted application starts to monitor your searching and browsing sessions. Despite the common belief that this monitoring is carried out in order to get the main information about you browsing habits but it’s only a matter of time when cyber criminals will find a way to hijack your personal details as well. Because of that reason we are recommending you to delete Atuzi from your computer as soon as possible.

How can you terminate Atuzi?

Even though manual removal does not always help to completely get rid of any potentially unwanted application but first of all, you have to try to uninstall Atuzi in a manual way. However, after that you still have to download reliable anti-virus program such as SpyHunter. We can definitely assure you that as soon as you install this real time application to your computer and let it to scan your PC’s system, you will be able to forget what it means to be interrupted with various pop-up messages or redirected to other webpages. besides that, you should keep in mind that SpyHunter can not only eliminate the existing malignant files but also protect you PC from the occurrence of any new infections.

Atuzi Removal

Remove from Windows XP

1. Choose the ‘Start’ menu icon and when the menu is opened, select ‘Control Panel’ option.
2. After that, navigate to ‘Add or Remove Programs’ section, look for unwanted applications and eliminate them.

Remove from Windows 7 and Vista

1. Open the ‘Start’ menu and go to ‘Control Panel’ where you have to select ‘Uninstall a Program’ option.
2. Here you must search for all suspicious-looking entries and remove them.

Remove from Windows 8

1. First of all, press a combination of ‘Windows key + R’ and then move to ‘Control Panel’ section.
2. Now hit ‘OK’ option and choose ‘Uninstall a program’ section.
3. Here you have to look for all doubtful entries and eliminate them.

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