Remove Astro Arcade

What is Astro Arcade?

Astro Arcade is a browser extension created by Interesting Solutions that is promoted as a tool that can allow you play an online game called Asteroids. You might find it useful, however, you should know that the application is also classified as adware. It means that the program presents you with various commercial data that appears in every window that you open.

Astro Arcade is very similar to other applications of this kind like Meteroids, Disasteroids, Blasteroids and more. All of these apps were created in order to promote various websites and thus increase their traffic. If you want to get rid of various adverts that you see on your screen, you should delete Astro Arcade.


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How does Astro Arcade work?

Once you install Astro Arcade, you will notice that it starts displaying various ads and pop-ups on your screen labeled ‘brought by Astro Arcade’, ‘Ads by Astro Arcade’ and so on. The advertisements will follow you everywhere you go online, regardless of whether the page has anything to do with shopping. It is important that you keep away from this commercial data as you can not be sure that it is safe. If you follow a corrupted link, you could unwittingly infect your computer. Moreover, you should also stay away from various suspicious surveys and lotteries as those may be just tricks to acquire your personal details. If you want to improve your online security and get rid of these potential threats, you should terminate Astro Arcade.

Astro Arcade could have entered your system together with other freeware. If you have recently downloaded and installed free software without paying attention to all conditions of the installation, that could be how you ended up with the adware. Keep in mind that in order to avoid similar issues in the future, you should decline all additional offers that you will be presented with during the installation process. If you do that, you will be able to avoid potentially unwanted applications and still acquire the program of your choice.

How to remove Astro Arcade?

It is clear that you need to eliminate Astro Arcade from your system. There are two options you can choose from in order to do that. The first is manual Astro Arcade removal. You will have to delete the adware from your system and your browsers. Instructions on how to do that are presented below. Alternative solution is to delete Astro Arcade automatically using an anti-malware utility. The malware remover will scan your system and help you get rid of Astro Arcade as well as other unwanted programs that may be on your system.

Tips on Astro Arcade Removal

Windows 8/7 & Vista

  • Settings/Start → Control Panel → Uninstall a program → Astro Arcade → Uninstall

Windows XP

  • Start → Control Panel → Add or remove programs → Astro Arcade → Remove

Uninstall Astro Arcade from browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Gear icon → Manage add-ons → Toolbars and Extensions → Astro Arcade → Remove

Mozilla Firefox

  • Menu → Add-ons → Extensions → Astro Arcade → Remove

Google Chrome

  • Menu → Tools → Extensions → Astro Arcade → Trash can icon → Remove.

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