What is is a program classified as a browser hijacker. It enters your computer system and changes your browser settings without authorization. It can replace your home page, new tab page and default search engine. The hijacker may also change certain security related settings in order to lower your online safety level so that it can function without any interruptions. is known to come bundled with free third party software. It is very possible that you had no intention of installing the program. The hijacker is compatible with all popular browsers, so once it is in the system, there is no way to avoid it. You should terminate and thus return your browsers back to normal.

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How does work?

Once gets installed, it adds a Windows Service which makes it possible for the program to run automatically every time you turn on your PC. It continuously runs in the background. Needless to say, that slows down your system speed. Every time you open your browsers you see as your home page and new tab page. The same webpage also becomes your default search provider. The so-called search provider does not look suspicious at all, however, that does not mean that it should be trusted either. Moreover, the program also adds extensions and plug-ins to your web browsers and starts monitoring your Internet surfing by recording what pages you visit, what searches you make and so on.

The reason we do not recommend using the search engine is because you will not be presented with legitimate results. Your search results will be altered to include sponsored links. Other types of ads like pop-ups, video commercials, banners, in-text ads and so on will also appear in your browser. You should not click on these advertisements as you can not be sure that they are safe. Third party ads can easily lead to corrupted pages where you could infect your system with a potentially unwanted or even malicious program. That is why we suggest you delete from your PC.

How to remove

There are two options you can choose from when dealing with removal. You can download a powerful anti-malware utility that will scan your computer, detect all components of the hijacker and eliminate completely. Or you could use the removal instructions provided below and uninstall manually. The first option is more reliable and practical as the anti-malware tool will not only clean your PC, but also protect it from other online threats in the future.

Guide on Removal

Delete (related application):

Windows XP

  • Click Start and move Control Panel
  • Select Add or remove programs
  • Choose the programs and click Remove

Windows Vista and 7/Windows 8

  • Click Start/Press Win+C and click Settings
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select Uninstall a program
  • Delete unwanted software

Remove from browsers:

Reset Internet Explorer

  • Alt+T → Internet Options → Advanced tab → Reset → Delete personal settings → Reset

Reset Mozilla Firefox

  • Alt+H → Troubleshooting Information → Reset Firefox → Reset Firefox

Reset Google Chrome

  • Alt+F → Settings → Show Advanced Settings → Reset browser settings → Reset.

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