Remove apcrtldr.dll

What is Apcrtldr.dll?

Apcrtldr.dll is dynamic link library file that belongs to Music Toolbar which is an application classified as adware or a potentially unwanted program. If you have recently uninstalled the program and have not done it properly that could be the reason why you see an error message related to Apcrtldr.dll file. In some cases the manual removal of adware does not eliminate the application completely and leaves some components still running in the system . If you want to delete Apcrtldr.dll you will have to properly uninstall Music Toolbar.

What is Music Toolbar?

Music Toolbar is a potentially unwanted application that can enter your system without your notice. It usually comes bundled with other freeware or shareware programs. Music Toolbar has been in particularly associated with Shareaza player. If you do not pay much attention to the installation process it is quite possible that you end up with an unwanted program or two. If you install the full version of Music Toolbar it will also change your browser settings such as home page and default search provider. The unwanted application also presents you with various adverts that should not be trusted. If you already tried to uninstall Music Toolbar it is clear that you were not happy with the program which is perfectly understandable since it does expose you to dangerous content like malware and virtual scam promotion.

Why do I see Apcrtldr.dll error message?

The message that you see regarding the Apcrtldr.dll file states that there was some kind of a problem starting the file and that the access to it is denied. The reason it does that is because after you terminated Music Toolbar some registry entries still remained in the system. So the entry that is there to run Music Toolbar automatically is still on the computer, but the files of the program are gone. That is why every time the entry tries to run the application you see the Apcrtldr.dll error message. Keep reading to find out how to eliminate Apcrtldr.dll from your system.

How to remove Apcrtldr.dll?

In order to avoid Apcrtldr.dll or other similar error messages in the future it is best not to install potentially unwanted applications like adware or browser hijackers onto your PC. As for Apcrtldr.dll removal, you need to properly delete Music Toolbar so you can get rid of Apcrtldr.dll related alerts. If you have already tried to uninstall the program manually via Control Panel and failed, you should download and install a malware removal utility that will help you eliminate Apcrtldr.dll. It will scan your PC, detect the unwanted files and programs and delete them. Once it is done you will not have to worry about any more alerts related to Music Toolbar or Apcrtldr.dll.manual-removal


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