Remove Amazon Smart Search

What is that Amazon Smart Search?

The browser add-on suitable for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer users is called Amazon Smart Search. As usually, this plugin is used to modify the settings of startup page as well as search provider. Even though the users do not feel content when they notice Amazon Smart Search on their computers, the activity it performs is completely legal. The reaction is quite bad because of the mentioned actions the add-on proceeds – changes the user’s default search engine and sets another site as the default home page. If you are also one of these users that prefer not to have this plugin on the system, read the next passages to get to know how to remove Amazon Smart Search.

Amazon Smart Search

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How can I get Amazon Smart Search on my PC?

The main source is the website, specifically Amazon Browser Apps section, where you can find and officially download Amazon Smart Search. You may have already understood that this plugin can be easily linked to this page as its title includes Amazon name. Truly, the extension is claimed to be created to make online shopping process more easy and interesting.

Hence, if you now realize that you may have installed the plugin on your computer, you shouldn’t be surprised why your home page and search provider were modified. As it was said, the activity of Amazon Smart Search is legitimate, so you don’t have to be asked for permission if some changes are going to be done. However, you may want some more of the details about the confusing modifications on the system. To tell the truth, Amazon Smart Search can also enter the system together with other software you install, so you may not notice the moment when your browser becomes affected.

What is the behavior of Amazon Smart Search?

As most of the plugins display a number of irritating advertisements, Amazon Smart Search acts in the same manner. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to get benefit from customized Google search provider. If you are extremely interested in online shopping, you may feel calm about the ads, but if you have nothing to do with it, and you don’t know how Amazon Smart Search managed to enter the operating system, you are probably angry.

How to remove Amazon Smart Search?

In case you are not a fan of online shopping and you don’t want to be disturbed by the ads, start thinking about Amazon Smart Search removal. This extension is quite unwelcome as it can often be added to the system without your knowledge. For the elimination procedure, rely on the tips given below.

How to uninstall Amazon Smart Search

Windows 8 users:

  • Go to bottom right corner → SettingsControl Panel.
  • Uninstall a program → erase Amazon Browser Bar.

Windows XP users:

  • Start menuControl Panel.
  • Add or remove programs → uninstall Amazon Browser Bar.

Windows Vista/Windows 7 users:

  • Start menuControl Panel.
  • Uninstall a program → eliminate Amazon Browser Bar.

How to fix the browser

Mozilla Firefox users:

  • Go to Firefox Options.
  • General tab → Modify the startup page (choose new one) → OK.
  • Choose search provider icon which is on the top right corner.
  • Manage search engines → erase Amazon Smart Search → OK.

Internet Explorer users:

  • Use Alt+XInternet options.
  • General tab → Choose another site as the home page → OK.
  • Use Alt+XManage add-ons.
  • Search providers → enter the name of a new search provider.
  • Get rid of Amazon Smart Search.

After performing the uninstallation and browser fix procedures, also adopt reliable anti-malware software. We advise you to install Spyhunter and scan the system, so you will be sure whether your computer has some more of the threats or not.

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