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Advices on Ads by CoolBuy Removal

CoolBuy is an adware program that usually enters your PC bundled with free of charge software. It tries to convince you that CoolBuy will be able to enrich your browsing experience and will help to save money and time by displaying various coupons, discounts, etc. In truth this is far from truth. The advertisements appear randomly and soon start to annoy the user. This adware installs itself on all most popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It can also be harmful to your computer so we recommend you to remove Ads by CoolBuy.

How does Ads by CoolBuy work?

Once CoolBuy adware enters your computer, it starts displaying constant advertisements. These advertisements should be interesting to you, because it collects your personal information in order to customize them. It tracks your top visited sites, search history, your pages preferences, IP addresses, user names, passwords etc. That is why it can present you with advertisements that correspond to your recent search queries. However, we recommend you to ignore them, because these links can be very dangerous.


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Adware earns money from advertisements, but it does not monitor them. Its main goal is to increase traffic to predetermined websites and to top their ranking. Its gain increases with every click on those advertisements, so it redirects you to these pages. Anyone can put advertisements and it is widely known that most of them belong to cyber criminals. Cyber criminals use this kind of programs to distribute their malicious programs since reputable advertising networks ban them. This means that while CoolBuy adware remains inside your system you are easily accessible to cyber criminals. We advise you to erase Ads by CoolBuy.

CoolBuy enters your computer bundled with freeware. If you have recently installed any kind of freeware and started noticing advertisements labeled “By CoolBuy”, it means that your PC is infected with CoolBuy adware. This adware can also enter your PC via spam letters, so you should avoid opening them. To prevent CoolBuy adware infiltration, you should install programs only from trustworthy sites and monitor every step of installation carefully. Deselect boxes that suggest additional applications, toolbars or extensions. Choose Advanced or Custom installation. If this adware entered you computer remove Ads by CoolBuy.

How to remove Ads by CoolBuy?

CoolBuy is a useless adware. It slows down your system and becomes an easy way for malware to enter your computer. If you think that it entered your PC, we suggest you to delete Ads by CoolBuy. By letting CoolBuy reside in your system you make it vulnerable to various threats. If you care about your computer’s security your must eliminate Ads by CoolBuy. Do not forget to scan your computer with a legitimate anti-malware afterwards. Detailed instructions of how to delete Ads by CoolBuy, are provided below this article.

Delete Ads by CoolBuy from Internet Explorer

1. Click on gear icon (top right corner) and choose Manage Add-ons.
2. Right-click on Ads by CoolBuy and Disable it.

Uninstall Ads by CoolBuy from Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on the menu icon (top right corner) and choose Add-ons.
2. Select Extensions and find Ads by CoolBuy.
3. Click Remove to delete it.

Uninstall Ads by CoolBuy from Google Chrome

1. Click on the menu icon (top right corner) and choose Tools.
2. Select Extensions and find Ads by CoolBuy.
3. Click Trash icon to delete them.

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