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How to Remove About Blank (AboutBlank Removal Guide)

Aboutblank is a browser hijacker. Aboutblank is especially harmful as it is much more difficult to remove than other browser hijackers. There are several reasons for that. First of all, Aboutblank files can be restored automatically even after you have deleted them. In other cases it is difficult to remove Aboutblank, because of its association with Trojans that modify your home page. Trojans are usually very good at staying hidden therefore even if you think that you have eliminated all of the components of the hijacker it may turn out that you did not. Another part of the problem is that browser hijackers are not recognized as a virus and because of that an antivirus program may not be able to detect it.


Aboutblank and other similar unwanted programs can be quite a bother. If you want to avoid having to deal with them you should be very careful while browsing the web. Stay away from unreliable links and download files only from the sources that you trust.

However, if you did acquire Aboutblank, instead of accessing your home page you will be presented with about:blank every single time. You will not be able to change that manually. You will also notice various sponsored links and ads in your browser that are not only dangerous, but will also decrease your Internet connection and computer speed. You should not click on any of them as that might damage your PC even further. Aboutblank is also known to track your cookies  thus recording your Internet habits. This is done in order to create ads that may appear useful to you and trick you into downloading even more malware or purchasing something completely useless. Do not be mislead by any of the advertisements and remove Aboutblank from your PC as soon as possible.

How to remove Aboutblank?

As you can see Aboutblank can cause all sorts of trouble to you and your computer. If you  want to remove Aboutblank you will need to download a powerful malware removal tool. As it has already been mentioned, manual removal will not be possible as you will not be able to find all of the hidden files and the hijacker will restore itself after deletion. In order to eliminate Aboutblank automatically you can download SpyHunter. It is a spyware prevention and removal tool that will be able to delete Aboutblank and all of its components. It will scan your PC, detect all infected files and remove them. SpyHunter will also make sure that your computer stays safe in the future by preventing other online threats from accessing your system.

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