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Tips on how to remove Quick Start

Quick Start is a browser hijacker that can modify your browser settings and redirect you to various unfamiliar webpages once it enters your computer system. The program may look legitimate at first, but it will not take you long to realize that it is not. It comes bundled with free software and modifies browser settings without your permission so that you cannot change them manually. The hijacker is compatible with all popular browsers which means that if you have it you will have to use it.

Quick Start exposes you to unnecessary security risks and does not provide you with anything useful. Therefore you should delete Quick Start as soon as you can.

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How does Quick Start work?

Quick Start changes you default search engine and home page. You will also be presented with shortcuts to popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Ebay and so on. Unfortunately, not even these links can be trusted. Another negative feature of the hijacker is that it can interrupt your browsing at any moment and redirect you to an unfamiliar website. If you use the search provider presented to you by Quick Start you will also notice that your search results have been altered to include ads and sponsored links. It is best to stay away from the adverts presented to you by the hijacker as some of them may not be safe. The links could lead you to corrupted pages that promote malware as something that it is not. You could also be tricked into sharing your personal details by completing a fake survey or entering a non-existent lottery. As you can see, the program is nothing but a bother and the sooner you terminate Quick Start the better.

How to remove Quick Start?

Quick Start removal may not be as easy as you think. If you do not detect and delete all files associated with the hijacker it may restore itself. Moreover, the infection could travel with other unwanted programs. That is why we strongly recommend to download and install a powerful malware removal tool that will eliminate Quick Start for good. The tool will scan your PC, detect all files associated with the threat and terminate them. It will also continue to keep your system clean and safe from other online infections. After the removal, you should also reset your browser settings. Instructions on how to do that are provided below.

Uninstall Quick Start

Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and then Internet Options
2. Select Advanced tab
3. Click Reset
4. Go to Reset Internet Explorer settings
5. Select Delete personal settings
6. Click Reset

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open the menu and click on the Question mark
2. Select Troubleshooting Information
3. Click Reset Firefox a few times
4. Click Finish

Google Chrome

1. Tap Alt+F and select Settings
2. Click on Show Advanced Settings
3. Click Reset browser settings
4. Click Reset.

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