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Remove PC Utilities Pro – Driver Pro (Removal Guide)

PC Utilities Pro – Driver Pro is a system optimizer utility, which is promoted via other free downloads. If you try to fix these problems, PC Utilities Pro – Driver Pro will state that you need to buy its full version before being able to do so. If PC Utilities Pro is scanning your computer and warning you than numerous of computer threats should be deleted from the system, you should pay absolutely no attention to the provided information. Even though at first sight the program may appear to act as a legitimate malware detector-remover, our malware researchers have no doubt that this application is completely fictitious and useless.

The main goal for the schemers behind the infection is to convince you that you need to pay for the full version of a bogus malware remover; however, if you choose to do this you will simply waste your money. So, should you remove PC Utilities Pro? You absolutely should, and this report will guide you through the complicated removal process.

PC Utilities Pro

Have you ever heard the name Rogue.VirusDoctor? This is the name representing the family of malicious rogue anti-spyware tools, and PC Utilities Pro belongs to it together with Windows Safety Series, Windows Recovery Series, Windows Secure Workstation and similar threats. All of these infections appear to act and look the same; however, this is not something that would have stopped schemers from generating profit. Cyber crooks can slip the fake AV onto the system with the assistance of fake online scanners, social engineering scams and drive-by download tricks. Note that the rogue could also be dropped onto the system with the help of an existing Trojan, which is the main reason why manual PC Utilities Pro removal is not recommended to even experienced computer users.

The reason why the infection is so successful is the fact that it can paralyze your computer. The threat can block the running of most executables creating trouble to access Registry Editor, Task Manager or launch web browsers. What is more, the threat can flood your desktop with fictitious scanner reports, indicating an incredible amount of threats you should remove, and misleading pop-ups notifications.

How to remove PC Utilities Pro – Driver Pro (Virus Removal Guide)

You certainly need to delete PC Utilities Pro from the operating system as soon as you possibly can; however, you should not act without thinking your actions through. Do you have manual removal experience? Do you know how to detect and delete hidden files? Do you know how to remove other potentially existing threats, like Trojans? If you do not you should stop thinking that you can succeed manually and rush to install a reliable, automatic malware remover, like SpyHunter. Once the threat is deleted from the system make sure that authentic Windows security software is installed to guard your personal computer at all times, so that malware removal would not become a reoccurring issue.

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