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How to uninstall

About this infection in short is believed to be a reroute virus, a somewhat low-level contamination that can infiltrate abruptly. Setup commonly occurs by accident and oftentimes users do not even know how it occurred. You must have recently set up some type of a free software, because browser hijackers generally are spread using freeware packages. A browser hijacker is not regarded as malicious and therefore shouldn’t do any direct damage. It will, however, reroute to advertisement websites. Those portals will not always safe so if you were to visit a hazardous site, you might end up contaminating your OS with malicious software. We don’t recommend keeping it as it is rather impractical to you. If you wish to return to usual browsing, you will need to erase Continue reading

Spyhunter 4

Spyhunter Perfomance

Why You Should Download and Install SpyHunter?

Spyhunter 4 is a legitimate and reputable security tool created to ensure that even if you have no experience with removing unwanted or malicious programs, you will be able to use it. This real-time malware removal software will be useful when dealing with rootkits, bad toolbars, browser hijackers, Trojans, adware, worms, ransomware, and so on. It is very powerful, but also very easy to use. Continue reading

Facebook Virus “WTF – Youtube”

Facebook Virus

Facebook security is compromised!

Facebook today is one of the most popular website in the world. We do not doubt its reliability or hesitate before clicking the provided links. You probably assume that the owners of this domain will take care of the page security and you will not have to worry about the displayed contents or received messages. For the most part this assumption is totally correct. However, recently a crack in this security was noticed. Continue reading

2014 The Top Countries For Cybercrime


What were the most popular countries among cyber criminals in 2014?

Today more than anytime before the world of cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate. Internet became a perfect place to commit an anonymous, fast, and highly rewarding crime. Cyberworld knows no borders and their field of potential victims is the whole world. Considering all that it is no wonder that cyber criminal today is dynamic, always changing, and harder to catch than ever. Continue reading

Shellshock Removal


What is Shellshock?

Shellshock is a new bug that has been discovered in the code of a program called Bash. Bash stands for Bourne Again Shell which is a command-line shell that allows users to launch programs and features by typing in text within the software. It is used in Mac, Linux and Unix operating systems. This bug can be used by cyber criminals in order to take remote control over a computer system, steal data stored on it and make various modifications. Shellshock is rated 10 out of 10 on the scale of vulnerabilities. It could affect up to 500 million computers worldwide. The infection is low on complexity which makes it a vulnerability that the hackers can easily exploit. Continue reading

Pandemiya is a new Zeus Trojan


Pandemiya is a new commercial Trojan that is an alternative to a more well-known Zeus Trojan. Pandemiya was developed in order to collect sensitive data by stealing confidential files and login details off of the infected system and injecting your browsers with fake webpages such as lotteries, surveys, etc. to gather even more information about the computer user. Pandemiya can also take snapshots of the infected PC screen. It is not that easy to spot the Trojan in your system. Continue reading