Remove Clean My Chrome 1.0.1

Clean My Chrome 1.0.1

What can be said about this browser extension

Clean My Chrome 1.0.1 is a questionable browser extension that sets up together with free application. Users normally get invaded when they inattentively set up freeware, and what happens is your browser’s settings are altered and the browser adjoins the add-on. Continue reading

Remove Tabs 2 Grid Virus

What is Tabs 2 Grid Virus?

You have become one of the victims of Tabs 2 Grid Virus if you have discovered a new extension called Tabs 2 Grid installed on your Google Chrome browser without your knowledge. This extension is considered to be malicious by experts. It has been classified as malicious because it is usually installed on users’ browsers without their knowledge. Continue reading – How to remove

About this infection is a questionable website, promoted by a browser hijacker. It’s one of those minor infections that change your browser’s settings without permission so that it could redirect you to sponsored sites. These infections are pretty common but it’s quite easy to avoid them. You just have to avoid questionable freeware and recklessly installing freeware left and right. Continue reading

Information about Muvflix Adware

About this threat

Muvflix is a movie streaming website that supposedly allows you to watch the latest movies. It is a scam website and seems to be promoted via adware. If you stumble upon the website once or twice, it probably happened accidentally but if you are constantly redirected to it, there’s a good chance that adware is present on your computer. Continue reading


What is (also known as is an unreliable domain that you may encounter online. The reason you get rerouted to it could be that you have adware on your PC. Ad-supported software creates many problems for users as it exposes them to unsafe content. It usually affects all web browsers, so once it accesses your system, noticing various ads appearing on your visited pages becomes unavoidable. If you wish to get rid of and other unnecessary advertising data, you will have to terminate the related app. Continue reading

Remove from Browsers

What is

If appears to you when you launch your web browser, there is almost no doubt that your web browsers’ settings have been altered without your permission. Most likely, this website is opened automatically for you because of the entrance of a browser hijacker. These infections enter illegally computers without permission, but their entrance is spotted by users quickly because they use their web browsers every day to surf the web and, because of this, notice the changes applied to them quickly. Continue reading

Remove Amazon Assistant Virus

About this infection

Pop-ups and redirects such as Amazon Assistant Virus are usually occurring due to an ad-supported application set up. If ads or pop-ups hosted on that page are popping up on your screen, then you must have recently set up free application, and in that way permitted adware to arrive into your operating system. As adware might infiltrate undiscovered and may be working in the background, some users aren’t even spot the ad-supported software making home on their computers. Adware’s prime aim is not to directly endanger your computer, it simply aims to flood your screen with advertisements. It might, however, lead you to a damaging domain, which might allow malware to enter your operating system. If you want to keep your computer protected, you will need to eliminate Amazon Assistant Virus.

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Remove Virus

About redirect virus is a browser hijacker that can set your home page, new tabs and search engines to its domain. It does that without your permission, which makes a browser hijacker. There’s little chance you were aware of it being installed on your computer so the most likely way you got it was by installing software form the Internet. Additional items being added to software is nothing new and has been around for a long time. It’s the most popular way to spread browser hijackers, adware and unwanted applications. If you did end up with it, we recommend you remove virus. Continue reading

Remove Removal Instructions is known to be a browser hijacker. It is called like that because it is capable of hijacking all the browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. If you wonder how this hijacking happens, you should know that simply changes homepages and search engines on all the browsers without permission. In some cases, users also notice that has changed their new tab pages too.

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Remove Removal Guide falls into the category of browser hijackers, because it can alter your browser settings, such as your home page, new tab, and default search provider. It also exhibits other unwanted behavior that disrupts your online surfing experience.

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