Onmylike Removal

What is that Onmylike.com?

From the first sight it can seem like Onmylike, created by the same as qvo6 , portaldosites and etc ,is a typical browser hijacker. However, the situation is a little bit different as the redirections can be the result of the disadvantageous application which somehow managed to enter the PC. This activity is quite irritating, because the user is very often rerouted to unknown sites. The mentioned app causing a lot of problems and promoting Onmylike is known as Bullvid which you can find installed on your Windows operating system. For the sake of your computer’s security, you should really remove Onmylike.com out of the system.


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Can be Onmylike safe to use?

The creators of Onmylike.com, the ones that have also developed a number of other well-known applications, claim that this page cannot be blamed for intruding your system’s security. Nonetheless, it’s a complete lie because the search supplier really follows the data related to your browsers, surfing habits and etc.

Also, you should pay attention to the searching procedure as when you are provided with the results, you are additionally shown ads that correspond to the queries of your search. On the other hand, you will be provided with the keywords that can facilitate the browsing. However, as you see, Onmylike.com is not the page that is secure. Don’t hesitate and better read the next passages telling about the Onmylike.com removal sequence.

How to remove Onmylike?

Now, if you are ready to remove Onmylike.com, you should try remembering that if you want to stop the redirections, you firstly have to erase the application which should be blamed for promoting the annoying search provider. In this section, you are provided with the threat removal tips as well as the instructions on how to fix the browser settings.

After performing the procedures, you are suggested to additionally install a malware removal tool which can ensure the future security of the system. You should be happy that there is such tool as Spyhunter which you can completely rely on without any doubts.

Onmylike.com removal procedure

Windows XP

  • Start and then Control Panel.
  • In the Add or Remove Programs section, choose the unnecessary item and select Remove option.

Windows Vista/Windows 7

  • Navigate to Start menu and after that, to Control Panel.
  • Find yourself in Uninstall a program and then press twice on unwelcome item.

Windows 8

  • Click and leave your fingers for several seconds on Windows key and click on R.
  • Enter control panel and the choose OK.
  • Choose Uninstall a program. Finally, remove the unwelcome app.

Remove Onmylike from browsers

Internet Explorer

  • Use Alt+T, then go to Advanced tab.
  • Choose Reset and then choose check box.
  • Press on Reset, select Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Use Alt+H and press on Troubleshooting Information.
  • Choose Reset Firefox, then again go for it and then Finish.

Google Chrome

  • Use Alt+F, navigate to Tools and then Extensions.
  • Remove the unwelcome item.
  • Go to Setting and then to On startup.
  • Choose the necessary selection and press on Set pages.
  • Go to Search, choose Manage search engines. Finally, modify the search engine.

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