Nengine.dll Removal

What is nengine.dll?

In general, nengine.dll is a dynamic library link. So, from the first sight it seems that it’s not a virus or another potentially unwanted malicious program. However, the interesting part about nengine.dll is that this file can either be authentic and reliable or malignant and unreliable. So, if you noticed that your computer is running nengine.dll, you should double-check and ensure that this dynamic library file is authentic and you downloaded it by yourself or your computer is infected by potentially unwanted application. Accordingly, as soon as you find out that this dynamic library file runs on your computer illegally, you should start nengine.dll removal.

How can nengine.dll enter your computer?

As you already know, this dynamic library file be both: authentic and false. So, if you downloaded it by yourself, you know in what way nengine.dll has reached your computer. However, if nengine.dll started to run on your computer without any previous download, it means that this potentially unwanted application has entered your computer illegally. You can easily suspect that nengine.dll file is not authentic if you detect it in ‘%APPDATA%’ folder. That’s why, if you found out that your computer is running illegal version of nengine.dll, it means that this potentially unwanted application has reached your computer bundled with any freeware that you download from the internet. So, you always have to be very attentive, download only reliable files and within the downland process, you must deselect all unneeded additional installs.


According to our research results, it is possible to say that nengine.dll is particularly related with Mobengie application. So, if you download or already have a Mobengie application in your computer you should check whether nengine.dll is not running on your computer as well. However, you should know that any program (even if it is said to be harmless) that enters your computer illegally, must be removed.

Besides that, nengine.dll can also be closely related with potentially malignant program ‘PUP.Optional.NextLive.A’. In this case, nengine.dll will act as an instrument to spread the malware. So, if nengine.dll reaches your computer in such way, it will start to display various messages about the error, that may look like that:

‘nengine.dll is not a proper application extension’

This means that nengine.dll file can’t be loaded anymore. In this situation you should know that the program which ‘brought’ nengine.dll into your computer, has already changed some registry keys and now nengine.dll loads in automatic way each time when the computer’s system starts. You should delete nengine.dll as fast as possible.

Why it is important to remove nengine.dll from your computer?

Even if nengine.dll can’t endanger your computer from the beginning, if you leave this application to run on your computer without any maintenance, later it can cause you even bigger problems. Cyber criminals are very skillful and can start to hide under the names of reliable and well-known programs. That’s why, later, you can’t even suspect that a program you think you can trust, in reality, is controlled by internet schemers. So, it is very important to keep you computer safe and always eliminate all unwanted programs.

In order to successfully uninstall nengine.dll from your computer, we suggest you to download and install reliable anti-malware application such as SpyHunter. Together with this program you will be able to run a full system scan, detect and eliminate all unwanted files from your computer and protect it against all malicious programs.

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