MyPCBackup Removal

What is MyPCBackup?

MyPCBackup is an application that you can use in order to back up your files on the Internet. It is promoted as a tool that can help you store your photos, documents, videos and other relevant files online in order to make sure that you will not lose them in case something happens to your computer. MyPCBackup is compatible with all Windows systems, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Even though the application seems useful we still recommend to be careful with it as it does usually come bundled with adware and other unwanted programs. If you installed this app accidentally you can remove MyPCBackup. This article will provide you all of the information that you will need to complete this task.


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How does MyPCBackup work?

You can download MyPCBackup at its official website It is a free program that you can use to back up your files. Of course, you are given a limited amount of memory and if you want to expand it you have to purchase the full version of the program. The upgrade is not obligatory so you can use MyPCBackup for free as long as you like. However, you will be prompted with a message to increase your backup space quite often.

Although MyPCBackup can be a useful tool its disadvantage is that it comes with various unwanted programs.  These may be adware, browser hijackers or even malware. Linkury Smart bar and Lyrics Fan have been associated with MyPCBackup as some of the programs that MyPCBackup is usually bundled with. These adware programs may afflict your browsers and annoy you with never-ending ads, pop-ups, banners, etc.

It is also possible that you had no intention of downloading MyPCBackup and it came together with other free software that you downloaded from the Internet. In that case you should remove MyPCBackup from your computer. It is also advisable to scan your PC for other infections to make sure that your system is safe.

How to remove MyPCBackup?

If you wish to delete MyPCBackup from your computer you can do it manually or automatically. If you choose do terminate MyPCBackup manually you can use the instructions provided below. You can also uninstall MyPCBackup automatically by using one of the anti-malware applications. We recommend using SpyHunter. It is a powerful spyware prevention and removal tool that will eliminate MyPCBackup and all of its components. It will scan your computer for other infections. Also, once you download SpyHunter you can be sure that your Internet surfing will not be interrupted by any possible online threats.

MyPCBackup removal

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