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CryptoTorLocker2015 Removal

CryptoTorLocker2015 Removal Tips (Remove CryptoTorLocker2015)

CryptoTorLocker2015 is a malicious software created by cyber criminals to steal your money. The users whose computers are attacked by this rogue will find their files encrypted. The virus will present you with a note where it will explain what you have to do to get back your data.

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Remove An Garda Siochana virus


An Garda Siochana virus Removal Tips

An Garda Siochana virus is a ransomware application that is distributed with the help of the Reveton Trojan. It may enter your system if it is not properly protected through spam email attachments or corrupted links. The malware blocks access to your PC and presents you with a message that claims to have come from Ireland’s National Police Service.

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Remove Police Central e-crime Unit Virus

Police Central e-crime Unit virus-

Police Central e-crime Unit Virus Removal Tips

Police Central e-crime Unit virus is ransomware virus that blocks your screen and demands payment for some imaginary crime. Even though this infection mainly targets the users from Great Britain, it also has few different versions which adapts the name of the authorities responsible for e-crimes in a specific country.

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Remove GVU Trojaner

GVU Trojaner

What is GVU Trojaner?

GVU Trojaner is a ransomware program that usually attacks computers in Germany. The hazardous infection can enter your PC using different methods like corrupted sites, spam email attachments and so on. Once it slithers into your computer, it restricts access to your desktop and shows you a fake alert. The alert claims that your PC has been blocked, because you have committed a crime. To unblock your system, you need to pay a fine, otherwise you will suffer serious legal consequences. None of it is true, of course. The notification does not come from a government facility, it comes from cyber criminals that are trying to trick you into wasting your money. Do not be fooled by it. Terminate GVU Trojaner as soon as you can. Continue reading

Remove Policajny Zbor Virus


How to delete Policajny Zbor Virus

Policajny Zbor virus is a ransomware application aimed at extorting money from unsuspecting computer users. Once it enters your system, it creates new registry entries and launches malicious processes. The infection is a variant of Trojan Urausy. It displays a fake message on your screen that claims you have committed a crime and that is why your PC is now blocked.

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Remove VirLock Virus


How to delete VirLock Virus

VirLock virus is a ransomware application that enters your system and presents you with a fake message. It claims that your computer has been blocked automatically because of the pirated software found on it. The “National Security Bureau” notification is completely fake. The only reason you see it is because your PC was infected with VirLock.

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Remove Invitation


Invitation Removal Guide

Invitation is a malicious file that comes as a spam email attachment. The email itself claims to be from and is presented as an invitation to join the popular website. The subject of the message reads “Your friend invited you to twitter!”. If you have not opened the attachment yet, do not do it. Simply delete the message. The malicious file that comes with the spam email is classified as a worm. It is called W32.AckanttaB@mm. Once this infection gets into you computer system, it starts its malign actions.

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Remove CoinVault


Instructions on CoinVault Removal

CoinVault is a malicious ransomware that may cause serious damage to your PC. It enters the system and encrypts your .docx, .ppt, .txt, .crt, .jpeg, .gif, .mp3 and other files. It then places a notification on your screen that states you need to make a payment if you want to get your files back. Paying the so-called ransom is not recommended, to say the least.

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Remove FBI Lock malware on Android

FBI Lock 3

Remove Police or FBI virus from Android phone (Removal Guide)

Recently a ransomware program called FBI Lock has appeared on mobiles phones. Ransomware is type of a malicious application that was created in order to scam people into transferring their money to cyber criminals. This infection has been affecting computers for some time now. Once it enters a computer system, it locks it down and presents the computer user with fake notification that claims to have come from a certain government facility. The message usually accuses the user of committing a crime related to copyright laws and states that he needs to pay a fine in order to regain access to the PC and have the charges against him dropped. Continue reading

This Program contained a Virus and was deleted

This Program contained a Virus and was deleted

What is This Program contained a Virus and was deleted?

If This Program contained a Virus and was deleted pop-up appears on your screen every time you try to download something from the Web, it means that your computer is infected with a malicious program. This pop-up has been in particularly associated with ZeroAccess Trojan. ZeroAccess is a Trojan horse that has been around for a couple of years. It is a kernel-mode rootkit that is very good at staying hidden. The Trojan functions on all Windows systems and can cause serious damage to your computer. There is no doubt that you should terminate This Program contained a Virus and was deleted related malware as soon as you can. Continue reading