Interpol Virus Removal

What is Interpol Virus?

Interpol Virus is classified as ransomware. This particular virus along with some similar threats such as FBI Virus, Police National E-Crime Unit, Department of Justice Virus, European Law Enforcement Agency Virus and many others, belong to the family of Ukash viruses. None of them have any actual ties to the law enforcement. The Interpol Virus was released in October, 2012 and has been infecting computers in North America and European countries ever since. The main aim of the Interpol Virus is to scam people into paying cyber criminals for a crime that was never committed.

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If your computer gets infected by this threat, you should delete Interpol virus it as soon as possible by using a reliable malware removal tool.

How does Interpol Virus work?

There are several ways that the Interpol Virus can get into your computer system. One of them is spam e-mail. If you open a suspicious e-mail and click on the link or download the attachment to your PC you may unknowingly acquire the virus. Your computer can also get infected if you visit an unreliable webpage and click on the links provided there. Another way to get the Interpol Virus is by downloading music, movies, free software or other programs from the internet sources.You should be extremely cautious while surfing the Web especially if you do not have spyware and malware prevention tools installed on your PC.


The reason why these type of viruses are called ransomware is because they restrict access to your computer making it a “hostage” that you need to pay the ransom for. After your computer gets infected you will be prompted with a message like this:

“Attention! Your computer has been blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below”

The so called reasons for your computer being locked down are usually related to the Copyright and Related Rights Law. In other words, the Interpol Virus claims that because you have been illegally downloading files from the Internet you will have to pay a fine via Ukash, PayPal or another online money transfer system and only then will the access to your computer be restored. Do not be fooled by any of these statements as they are not at all truthful. There is no official institution that would collect fines in such a way. Paying the fine will not restore access to your PC. In order to get rid of Interpol Virus you need to install a powerful anti-malware tool.

How to remove Interpol Virus?

If your computer has been infected, you need to uninstall Interpol Virus as soon as you can. In order to do that you will need to use a spyware removal tool. We recommend using SpyHunter as it has proven to be successful in removing all sorts of malicious threats. It will also scan your computer for any other possible malware and prevent it from getting infected again. Use instructions below to download SpyHunter.


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