How to uninstall “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!”

About this threat

The most likely reason you are seeing “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!” alerts is because of an adware infection. You should never trust these types of warnings, everything they say is false, unless the problem is entirely unrelated. If an adware is behind these adverts, they will be highly invasive, appear over and over again, no matter how many times you close them. An adware is generally installed by accident, when you install freeware. No need to worry about the adverts harming your PC, and unless you dial the provided number, you will be fine. However, if you did call them, you could be cheated out of a lot of money, or more severe malware could be installed, and that may allow them access to your private details. Bear in mind that you should not allow some suspicious technicians to remotely access your computer, particularly when their advert pop-ups in your browser. And when it comes to this pop-up, just ignore it, you’re computer is not in danger, neither is your data. In order to make the adverts go away, you must remove  “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!”.

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What does it do

You likely recently installed a freeware, and through it you got the ad-supported program. It is attached as an optional offer which Default mode don’t show, and you can’t unmark it if you can’t see it, which will permit it to install. Instead, pick Advanced (Custom) settings. Those extra offers will be visible in Advanced, so just uncheck the boxes. And if you feel they could be useful, consider the fact that they didn’t intend to correctly disclose their installation, and you would have installed them by accident. If you want to avoid having to delete “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!” and similar constantly, be more attentive about how you install software.

The fake advertisements want to trick people into believing that there is something wrong with their system. You’re possibly seeing a alleged malicious program, licensing or computer problems, because con artists aren’t very creative when it comes to schemes, and they are all essentially identical. It is also common for the alert to include warnings about data loss or leaks as this makes users panic. In order to prevent those data loss scenarios, the user is required to call con artists who are pretending to be tech-support. Take into account that no legitimate software or security business will ever ask users to call them. So if you get a warning from Apple, Microsoft, or some other technology company, and are asked to call them, you’re being scammed. The con artists would remotely connect to your computer, pretend to find some problem, very quickly explain it to you and give a way to fix everything, for which you would have to pay a lot of money. The reason these tech-support scams still exist is because less-computer knowledgeable people still fall for them. And we can see how some less computer knowledgeable people could fall for them, because even if they dismiss the first alert, after they start popping up frequently, they might believe that it is a trustworthy alert. However, even if you fully trust the warning, you ought to still look into it using a trustworthy search engine. Most results will include comments from victims about being fooled. Now that it’s been confirmed to be a scam, you may ignore the warning without worrying about harm to your system, and can deal with the actual issue. If the warnings are constantly showing up on your screen, you will need to find and erase “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!” adware.

Ways to remove “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!”

Taking care of “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!” elimination shouldn’t be difficult, so we don’t think you will have trouble. Whether you ought to erase “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!” by hand or automatically ought to really depend on your experience with computers. If you scroll down, you will see guidelines to aid you manually fix the issue if you like this method better. You can also opt to uninstall “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!” automatically, using anti-spyware software. If the alerts are still appearing, that means you did not uninstall the infection fully.
Download Removal Toolto remove “Your system is heavily damaged by (4) virus!”


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