How to remove Virus Virus Removal Instructions Virus is a browser hijacker that replaces your home page and default search engine the minute it enters your computer. This hijacker is compatible with all major search engines, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It was developed by a company named ironSource and it claims that it will enrich your browsing experience. Unfortunately, their only goal is to earn money by promoting third parties’ websites. Do not be fooled by it. If opportunity arises, it will use you and your computer’s resources for its own gain. We recommend to remove Virus ASAP.

What does Virus do in my computer? Virus enters your computer bundled with freeware from suspicious sites. The users, however, have an opportunity to refuse entrance to any program during installation process. If you monitor installation carefully, you will notice a box that suggests additional programs. Uncheck this box and Virus will not enter your system. If you missed it and the hijacker entered your PC, we suggest to delete Virus as soon as possible.


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It is very risky to have browser hijacker inside your computer. It earns money form promoting sponsored pages which means that it also alters your search results to direct you to these pages. Many advertisements are displayed for this reason too. To induce you to click these links, the hijacker has to customize them to you. In order to do that it follows your online activities and learns your preferences. Virus is known to track your IP addresses, geo-locations, default search providers, browser types, operating system types, etc. Knowing all that it can easily attract your attention with a well placed ad. With one click you can land in a highly untrustworthy website, possibly managed by cyber criminals. If this malicious site is infected, you will most likely be infected with malware too.

Furthermore, the hijacker gives cyber criminals access to information. They can find out your personal data, including financial information, passwords, and user names. Needless to say, this can end very badly. For example your identity or your money may be stolen. Protect yourself and your computer. Get rid of Virus immediately. It may not be a direct threat to your computer’s safety, but it can be used by third parties for malicious purposes. It also can be a gateway for malware to enter your computer. Do not take unnecessary risks and erase Virus.

How to uninstall Virus?

We already established that it is dangerous to allow this browser hijacker to stay inside your computer. We advise to terminate Virus right away. Step by step instructions on how to remove Virus – are provided bellow this article. Afterwards do not forget to scan your system with a legitimate antimalware.

Delete Virus

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  • Click Start and select Control Panel.
  • Choose Uninstall a program and uninstall Virus.

Windows XP

  • Open Start menu and choose Control Panel.
  • Select Add or Remove programs and remove Virus.

Windows 8

  • Go to the lower right corner of the screen and choose Settings.
  • Select Control Panel and click Uninstall a program.
  • Find and uninstall Virus.

Terminate Virus from your browsers

Google Chrome

  • Click menu icon (top right corner) and click Settings.
  • Choose Manage search engines and delete Virus from the list.
  • Click menu again and go to Settings.
  • Click Reset browser settings and choose Reset.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click menu icon (top right corner) and choose Add-ons.
  • Then go to Extensions and select Virus. Click Remove.
  • Open menu again and choose question mark.
  • Choose Troubleshooting information.
  • Click Reset Firefox several times.

Internet Explorer

  • Click gear icon (top right corner) and choose Manage Add-ons.
  • Find Virus and disable it by clicking Disable.
  • Click gear icon again and go to Internet Options.
  • Select Reset. Then choose Delete personal settings and choose Reset again.

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