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About this infection is a questionable website, promoted by a browser hijacker. It’s one of those minor infections that change your browser’s settings without permission so that it could redirect you to sponsored sites. These infections are pretty common but it’s quite easy to avoid them. You just have to avoid questionable freeware and recklessly installing freeware left and right.


This particular hijacker comes together with the browser extension TubeTab, so if you have the above mentioned website loading every time you open your browser, you need to get rid of the extension. Browser hijackers are not malicious but they do attempt to redirect you to certain pages, and they might not always be safe. So, while the hijacker will not directly affect your computer, it may be able to expose you to malicious software. This is why you need to remove instead of using it.

How exactly did it end up my computer?

This hijacker come together with the TubeTab extension so you must have installed that. When you install freeware, it is important that you pay attention and check whether something will install alongside it. Those added offers are usually hidden so to be able to see them, access Advanced or Custom settings during installation. If you see something, thing about whether you really want the freeware you are installing. If you decide that you do, make sure you uncheck every single extra offer. All you need to do is deselect the boxes. We do not recommend installing programs that fail to disclose additional extra items, but it’s your decision to make.

Why delete

The hijacker will set its promoted website as your homepage and new tabs without your permission and you will be stuck with it until you are able to uninstall hijacker. These unwanted changes will affect all leading browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. They will happen without your permission, which makes it so irritating. Your new homepage will provide you with a search engine that lead to Saferbrowser Yahoo, where you might encounter sponsored content. We do not recommend using the search engine or pressing on the search results as you do not know where you could be led to. Hijackers do not care where you end up, so you could easily be redirected to some malicious site where you can pick up a malware infection. The hijacker does not even provide you with anything useful so there would be no legitimate reason to keep it. Remove removal

The biggest problem you may encounter when it comes to removal is finding all the associated programs. Get rid of TubeTab and if that does not solve the problem, obtain anti-spyware software and have it delete for you. Only after you uninstall will you be able to change browser’s settings back.Download Removal Toolto remove


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