Delete Police or FBI virus from Android phone

Guide on Police or FBI virus from Android phone Removal

Police or FBI virus from Android phone, also known as Trojan Koler, is a malicious infection that can enter your device and restrict access to it. The so-called ransomware works in a similar way as it does when it infects personal computers. It presents you with a fake alert that states that your device has been blocked and in order to unblock it you will have to pay a fine. The notification claims to have come from FBI or Police or some other government facility which, of course, is not true. Do not believe anything that is written in the alert.

The message comes from cyber criminals that are trying to make profit at your expense. You can delete Police or FBI virus from Android phone yourself without having to transfer any money to the hackers.


How does Police or FBI virus from Android phone work?

Police or FBI virus from Android phone enters your device via malicious software. If you have recently downloaded a program from an unreliable source this could be how your mobile phone got infected. The software was most probably presented as something useful. Unfortunately, this trick is used quite often which is why it is better to download applications only from official websites. Another way of acquiring malware is by clicking on a malicious link and entering a corrupted webpage. Again, it is important to stay away from unreliable sources if you want to keep your device safe and clean.

Once Police or FBI virus from Android phone enters your system it restricts access to it and you see the following message:

“ATTENTION! Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons”.

The alert will go on to say that you have broken some copyright laws and that is why you need to pay a fine of 300$. You will be offered to do it via an online money transfer system like Ukash or MoneyPak. These instructions are clearly not coming from a government facility. Transferring money to the cyber criminals does not mean they will unlock your phone. You should get rid of Police or FBI virus from Android phone yourself.

How to remove Police or FBI virus from Android phone?

It is clear that you need to uninstall Police or FBI virus from Android phone as soon as possible. We have prepared instructions on how to terminate the program and presented them below this article. Keep in mind that in the second step, when you need to delete the application from your device, the name of the program will be shown as BaDoink. That is the malicious application that you need to delete. It may be possible to complete the Police or FBI virus from Android phone removal without restarting your mobile in the Safe Mode. If so, you can skip Step 1.

Remove Police or FBI virus from Android phone

Step 1. Restart your device in Safe Mode

Android 4.1 and up

  • Long-press the power button
  • Long-press “Power off”
  • Tap OK

safe mode-

Android 4.0 and lower

  • Long-press the power button
  • Tap “Power off”
  • Long-press the power button again
  • Long-press Volume Down (while the device is loading)

Step 2. Delete the malicious application

  • Go to Settings menu
  • Open Apps/Application manager
  • Locate and select BaDoink
  • Tap Uninstall and OK
  • Restart your device.

15 thoughts on “Delete Police or FBI virus from Android phone

  1. Anonymous

    I need help Im almost there im in safe mode and I went to application manager and I cant find it its not under badoink I its not on there anybody know

  2. Anonymous

    BaDoink was not an option for me as well. I am guessing it was Badger on mine but if anyone else knows another name. Please advise!

      1. Anonymous

        Mine is Browser Update 1.0 and it is grayed out and I can’t uninstall. please help.

    1. Dave

      The virus got my Android by a phony browser update version 1.0. I am not able to uninstall or force stop even after the phone is in safe mode. Will someone please help me, so that we all can prevent this trash!

  3. robert

    if u guys have it u need to delete it with out safe mode u find it then u can quikly get to it and delete it It mite be under something different like pornplayer mine is under


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