What is that Govome Search? is the browser hijacker which can be recognized if you are constantly redirected to the sites of suspicious content. To tell the truth, this redirect can enter the system bundled together with other software, so, you may miss exact moment when Govome becomes the part of your operating system. The main aim of this redirect is to promote the websites by increasing the number of visitors.  It means that even if your search enquiry was completely different you can be redirected to any websites that are not related with your search at all.

This is quite hazardous, because some sites can contain fake content and can promote some other viruses. You probably have understood that you better remove Govome browser redirect out of your system, if you don’t want to become the victim of suspicious hijacker. To get to know how to perform the removal procedure, keep following the next passages.


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How Govome  works?

To begin with, it has to be revealed that was created and developed by Big Journey. This company engages tracking systems in order to get information related to your search. Truly, it would be very disadvantageous to become the victim of Govome’s investigations, even despite the fact that most of the extensions use the same tracking cookies to track you surfing habits. After Govome intrudes your system, it adopts its own search provider,, but its very pity it cannot be helpful for in any way. Unfortunately, while using Govome as search engine, you won’t be provided with the useful search results. Moreover, you shouldn’t rely on the first search results as these are only dedicated to promote some material. Please, never trust search engine and if you don’t want to be tricked into spending your money, read the next paragraph providing removal procedure.

How to remove

From the first moment you realize that your browser has been hijacked by this redirect, take measures to remove Govome as it can cause more issues to your system’s security. There is no doubt that you are tired of being constantly redirected to the sites having mistrustful content, so, what you really need to do is to adopt a reliable malware elimination software. However, this is not enough if you want your browser to perform in the same way it worked before. You must rely on the guide below on how to recreate your search provider and bring the old home page back.

Uninstall Govome from Browsers

Google Chrome

  • Go to Google Chrome, use Alt+F keys and choose Settings.
  • Navigate to On Startup. Check Open a specific page and then press on Set Pages.
  • Select the name of the site and press OK.
  • Navigate to Appearance, check Show Home button, press on Change.
  • Select the name of the site and press OK.
  • Go to Startup section and here, choose Manage search engines option.
  • Choose a wanted search provider and press OK, for confirmation.

Internet Explorer

  • Go to IE, use Alt+T keys and press on Manager Add-ons.
  • Choose Search Providers.
  • Choose the unnecessary option, then press on Remove and press Close, for the approval.
  • Once more, use Alt+T keys, and then choose Internet Options.
  • Navigate to General section, choose the new site to be your home page and choose OK, for confirmation.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to Mozilla Firefox, use Alt+T keys and press on Options.
  • Navigate to General section, choose the name of the site you wish to be the home page and press on OK.
  • Move your mouse more to the right, to navigate to the search window and press on the icon of drop-down menu.
  • Finally, choose Manage search engines, perform the removal of wrong search engine and choose OK.

As mentioned earlier, you are advised to use a malware removal tool which can keep your operating system protected from the various types of viruses. You are suggested to use SpyHunter, because it has been tested and approved to be the best tool able to perform the system scan and then eliminate the threats found.

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