Gadgetbox Removal

What is that Gadgetbox?

When the user needs for programs present on the system to be quickly available, one relies on Gadgetbox. From the first moment it is installed and activated, Gadgetbox leaves its shortcut on the computer’s screen, possibly desktop. This software makes it possible for user to freely benefit from calculator and other advantageous tool. However, you should immediately perform the Gadgetbox process, because, despite the pluses it has, it is also able to configure the important settings of your browser.

How Gadgetbox acts?

Gadgetbox is used to configure the settings of the most popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and other. However, the type of modification in itself is quite distinct taking into account all the browsers. Let’s say, on Google Chrome, the changes are done having effect to the search provider as well as the homepage button.

What is more, in case you have Gadgetbox toolbar activated on your system, you may see that it gives you the opportunity to select between the modifications. A few possibilities are given here:

‘Make my default search engine’
‘Set the home page to on my browsers’
‘Install the GadgetBox toolbar’

As provided in the examples, you can choose the new homepage to be address. Moreover, usually one advertisement is shown in the screen, in the home page. Besides this, you will be bothered and suggested to participate in quiz or game, and etc. You have to keep far away from such ads and don’t think about participating in such malicious activities as it is done only to get your secret, personal information.

And finally, ads also include malicious links that must not be paid attention to. These links have nothing to do with the search you are making, so, please, do not trust it.

How to remove Gadgetbox?

Though this can seem very serious and you may think it can be hard to solve this situation, don’t feel lost and better take measures to eliminate Gadgetbox as soon as possible. In the next paragraphs you are given a detailed explanation on manual removal process, however, you are advised to erase the Gadgetbox automatically. You should rely on Spyhunter removal tool which is able to trace any threats and erase it completely out of your system.

Removal processes

Windows Vista/Windows 7

  • Go to Start section and choose Control Panel.
  • Here, find and choose Uninstall a program.
  • Erase Gadgetbox.

Windows XP

  • Go to Start section and choose Control Panel.
  • Find and press on Add or Remove Programs.
  • Find and choose the software you wish to be uninstalled and press Remove.

Windows 8

  • Move your mouse to the left side and to the bottom.
  • Make a right-click.
  • Follow Control Panel and then Uninstall a program.
  • Delete the software you wish.

Browser repair

Internet Explorer

  • Make the combination of Alt+T.
  • Go to Internet Options.
  • In General section, enter another address to be the homepage and choose Apply for confirmation.
  • Finally, navigate to the Search where you have to press on Settings and choose another search engine.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Use Alt+T keys and then go to Options.
  • In the General section, configure the name of homepage and choose OK for approval.
  • For the modification of search provider, press on the button which is near the search box and choose Manage Search Engines.
  • Eliminate GadgetBox, choose a wanted search provider.

Google Chrome

  • Use Alt+F keys.
  • Go to Settings.
  • When on the Appearance, modify homepage button’s features.
  • To configure the search provider, go to Manage search providers, which is available in Search.

After the elimination process is finished, additionally perform a system scan.Download Removal Toolto remove Gadgetbox Removal



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