Funny Facebook video scam

A new virtual security threat has recently appeared on the Web called Funny Facebook video scam. We assure you there is nothing funny about it. The Albanian malware can cause a lot of damage to your PC. The way it works is rather simple. You see that your friend has shared a video link on Facebook, you click on it and get redirected to a fake YouTube site which then requires you to download an Adobe Flash Player update. The video features a woman starting to undress and beneath it you see that it has more than a million views. That, of course, is not true. The fake video may play for a second or two so that the you  would be even more tempted to download the supposed update and finish watching the clip. Instead of this update, however, you get infected with a malicious Trojan.

Funny Facebook video scam

The Trojan that is spread via this scam is called Trojan.Agent.BDYV and once it enters the system it starts collecting user’s personal data. It may also function as a browser hijacker. Needless to say, whoever gets infected with this malware is very likely to suffer financial consequences. Moreover, the Trojan also uses the victim’s Facebook account in order to continue on with its distribution. The user may not even be able to delete these fake posts from his own timeline and activity log. As you can see, the program is truly intrusive.

Unfortunately, Funny Facebook video scam is not the only one of its kind. Earlier this year a scam called “Rest in Peace” first appeared online. The name of the scam refers to its content: a video link posted appears to be about a famous person’s death. If one were to click on it, he or she would be redirected to a corrupted page harboring malware. A slightly different scam was also reported in May 2013: Dorkbot malware was being distributed via Facebook chats.

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more creative when it comes to malware distribution. Nowadays it is impossible to feel safe even on legitimate and popular websites like Facebook. The only way you can avoid Funny Facebook video scam is by thinking twice before clicking on suspicious links. Do not take any unnecessary risks especially if you do not have reliable anti-malware program. Installing a powerful malware prevention tool like SpyHunter could help you avoid similar cybersecurity issues and keep your computer protected. If you already have doubts whether your PC is infection-free you can use SpyHunter to run a system scan. It is never too early to start worrying about your online safety.

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