FBI Cybercrime Division Virus Removal

What is FBI Cybercrime Divsion virus?

The FBI Cybercrime Divsion virus is actually just a trojan, and it is a complete hoax. It tries to convince you that the authorities have locked your computer for illegal behavior and are basically holding it for ransom. You have to pay a certain amount in fines to get your computer unlocked.

It seems silly because everyone should know that this is not how the actual FBI works, but some have been misled by the FBI Cybercrime Division trojan because it does have some realistic symbols and terminology on the page. Also, the trojan hacks your webcam (if you have one) so it can show you pictures of you in your room to make it appear like you are being watched. This has tricked some into paying “fines” to the scam artists who invented the FBI Cybercrime Division trojan.

HOW CAN I GET INFECTED WITH FBI Cybercrime Division virus?

If you’ve ever seen a movie where the FBI busts a hacker, you actually have a pretty good idea of how it really works. A sting operation will be set up, devices will be confiscated, and people will be taken into custody. The FBI doesn’t let criminals walk around in exchange for an electronic funds transfer of cash.

So the question then becomes “How do I remove FBI Cybercrime Division from my computer if I get it?” It’s a tough scam to get around since it locks your screen and loads on startup. There are a number of FBI Cybercrime Division removal tutorials, and they contain step by step directions that usually begin with starting your computer in safemode so that the trojan can’t load. This is a little more complicated to take care of than many other viruses, so if you are not really great with things like this, you may need to ask for assistance.

The best thing would be to avoid the FBI Cybercrime Division trojan in the first place. This means being careful when you are online. Don’t open emails from people you don’t know or download attachments that you weren’t expecting.

HOW CAN I REMOVE FBI Cybercrime Division virus?

If you have already been pulled in by the FBI Cybercrime Division scam, then by all means contact the company via which your transferred the funds to explain what happened. It may not be too late to cancel the transaction or to request a refund. The last thing you want to do is help the cyber criminals who invented the FBI Cybercrime Division virus to have more funds to work on their next scam.

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  1. Fred

    To avoid getting re-infected simply do a hard shut down of your computer the moment you see the fbi screen pop up when you are surfing, this will prevent the program from loading, restart and run a virus scan like malwarebytes just to be sure.


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