Facebook Virus “WTF – Youtube”

Facebook security is compromised!

Facebook today is one of the most popular website in the world. We do not doubt its reliability or hesitate before clicking the provided links. You probably assume that the owners of this domain will take care of the page security and you will not have to worry about the displayed contents or received messages. For the most part this assumption is totally correct. However, recently a crack in this security was noticed.

Facebook virus

If you received a message from your Facebook friend that claims a small video was created about you and you can see it in YouTube, do not follow the provided link. This is a new malware called “WTF – Youtube” which uses your gullibility to be distributed as widely as possible. This virus spreads very quickly, since every infected user unknowingly distributes it to his or her friends.

The virus easily catches attention. Imagine that your friend sends you a message saying that a short video was created about you. You just have to go to YouTube, which is another trustworthy page, and you can watch it. Your picture is on the link, the source is trustworthy, and you have no reason to doubt the credibility of it. The genius of this malware lies in the fact that you trust Facebook, trust your friend and feel totally safe in these circumstances. Therefore, you click the provided link and enter a page that looks exactly like YouTube. However, before seeing the real video you are asked to install a browser extension. Most of the users, will not see anything suspicious about it will click the installation button without hesitation. And here, in that one moment of carelessness, you will be infected.

Facebook Virus1

Would you like to know what happens next? The minuteĀ “WTF – Youtube” access your Facebook account, it starts sending identical messages again. The malicious software automatically uses a new account to acquire a new list of friends and to send videos to them. This way a new circle of users get infected and the process continues.

Facebook has already started to warn people about this virus and urge to be very cautions when clicking the provided YouTube links. Unfortunately, the users still get infected and it will probably take some time, before we will be safe from this malware. For know, you should be extra careful and stay away from links with your picture on it. Our security experts also recommend to install reliable security software to be sure that your computer is not infected.

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