Bundesamt für Polizei Virus Removal

What is Bundesamt für Polizei Virus?

Bundesamt für Polizei Virus is just another version of very common Ukash virus group infections that enter random computers, lock their screen and display a huge notification about various crimes. Bundesamt für Polizei Virus is said to be spread in Germany but in general, similar viruses such as FBI ransowmare or Canadian Police virus can be spread all around the world.  The main idea of this type of virus is to hide under the name of any legal authority.

Bundesamt für Polizei

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The long-term experience shows that the idea of such virus is very effective because neither wants to have any affairs with police or any other similar institution. However, now you  know that the notification provided by Bundesamt für Polizei is just a fake trying to make you believe that you have commented some crimes. So, it is about the time to find out more about this infection and get the best directions that will help to remove Bundesamt für Polizei Virus.

How can Bundesamt für Polizei Virus infiltrate your computer?

The most common way to spread this infection is through various infected spam letters and especially their attachments. In general, you should know that all spam letters are not very reliable. So, if you get any suspicious-looking letter that is placed in the spam box it is better to delete it straightaway. Moreover, this dangerous infection may also be distributed with a help of ‘bundling’ method. It means that very unexpectedly together with the preferred program (especially with diverse music or video players or while performing various updates) you may also install some potentially unwanted applications. Because of that reason we recommend you to download only authentic applications that are safe and reliable. You should also pay more attention to the main installation process as well because you can very easily omit the additional application and forget to deselect it.

How does Bundesamt für Polizei Virus perform?

The main and the most difficult sign of infection provided by this virus is that is completely locks your computer’s screen and at the same time provides you a huge alert message that may be like that:

‘Ihr Computer wurde gesperrt!
Die Funktion Ihres Computer wurde aufgrund unerlaubter Internethandlungen auβer Kraftgesetzt. 
Die Summe der Geldbuβe betrāgt 100 Euro. Die Bezahlung muss innerhalb von 48 Stunden nach Kundgabe des Verstoβes entrichtet wird, wird automatisch ein Strafverfahren gegen Sie eingeleitet.’

‘ACHTUNG! Ihr Computer ist aus einem oder mehreren der unten aufgeführten Gründe gesperrt.
Sie haben gegen das Gesetz über «Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzerchte» (Video, Musik, Software) verstoßen und unrechtmäßig urheberrechtliche Inhalte genutzt, bzw. Verbreitet und somit gegen Art. 128 des Schweizerischen Strafgesetzbuches verstoßen….’

The details provided in these messages informs you that you have committed a particular crime (downloaded any illegal file or program, visited some illegal websites) and now within 48 hours you have to pay a fine of 100 Euros. The message threaten you that if you don’t agree or don’t manage to pay the fine within the indicated time you will be imprisoned. I guess that such message can really frighten some gullible internet users that don’t know anything about similar false infections. However, keep in mind that the main purpose of Bundesamt für Polizei Virus is to threaten you so much that you would eventually agree to pay the particular amount of money. However, if you obey to pay the false fine for the crimes that you haven’t made you will not only reveal your personal information (user names, bank card numbers and passwords) but very soon find that your bank accounts are totally empty.

So, better not to risk so much and keep on reading our article where you will find the best way to get rid of Bundesamt für Polizei Virus.

Bundesamt für Polizei Virus removal process

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