What is is a browser hijacker which is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So, if you notice that instead of your default home page and search engine you are displayed with it means that all your browsing activities are being hijacker and constantly monitored. This browser hijacker as all the other similar infections (like or is really cunning infection because it can enter your computer’s system very secretly and then begin to implement some changes.

The tricky part of all browser hijackers is that they can be installed together with some other malicious files or applications. So, there is no need to let to run on your computer anymore. You are advised to delete

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How can reach your computer?

Despite the fact that browser hijacker is not categorized as a dangerous and harmful malware, the ways in which this infection can enter your computer’s system doesn’t look very reliable. In most often cases this browser hijacker may be bundled with free software that you can simply download from the internet without paying any money. Keep in mind that the great part of whole free applications may have some additional and potentially unwanted files attached together. Because of that reason you must always download only those programs that are free of such undesirable files. Keep in mind that one irresponsible click can cause you a lot of troubles. That’s why you must always select the authentic applications and keep the same attentiveness throughout all installation procedure. Don’t forget to choose Advanced or Custom installation option and deselect the undesirable additional files.

How does work?

As soon as enters your computer, the main changes of your browsers will be modified. Together with a new home page you will need to use a new search provider (which is usually Yahoo). However, the altered search engine is not so reliable as your default search provider because the results that you get after your searching sessions might be really misleading. Besides that, there is also a great chance that you can be unexpectedly redirected to some other websites. Moreover, one of the greatest minuses provided by any browser hijacker is a huge amount of diverse advertisements and other type of notifications that you are displayed with every day.


However, you should keep in mind that browser hijacker is not responsible for the content of those various notifications so, each time when you are clicking on any similar message you are also facing a high risk of getting some other serious infections. Besides that you should never forget the fact that browser hijacker can monitor all your browsing sessions. However, you may never know when cyber criminals who have generated will find out a way to hijack you user names, passwords or even credit card details. Do you still think that you need to keep this browser hijacker inside your computer’s system? If not, better remove right now.

How to eliminate browser hijacker?

We can definitely assure you that there is no reason to risk about your computer’s security anymore so, it’s about time to find out the best removal instructions. Keep in mind that first of all you have to eliminate this browser hijacker from your computer manually and then scan your computer’s system with reliable anti-virus tool. You should take into consideration the fact that browser hijacker may be installed into your computer with some other malicious applications that can’t be deleted manually. Besides that, if there is at least the smallest file of any browser hijacker left inside a computer, this infection can easily recover and strike your computer’s system with renewed power.

Manual removal

At the beginning you have to uninstall from the list of Add/Remove programs:

1. Click on the ‘Start’ menu
2. Move to ‘Control Panel’ section
3. Choose either ‘Programs’ or ‘Add/Remove Programs’ section and then click on ‘Uninstall a Program’
4. Search for any unwanted applications that you want to remove, mark them and choose ‘Uninstall/Change’ option.
5. In order to save the changes you have made, click on ‘OK’ option.


Mozilla Firefox

1. When the browser is opened move to ‘Help’ section
2. Select ‘Troubleshooting Information’ section and then click on ‘Reset Firefox’ (for several times)
3. Click on ‘Finish’ option (if needed, change your homepage)

Internet Explorer

1. Open the browser and choose Gear icon (or the ‘Tools’ section)
2. Move to ‘Internet Options’ and then select ‘Advanced’ tab
3. After that, click once on ‘Reset’ option
4. Navigate to ‘Reset Internet Explorer settings’
5. Select ‘Delete personal settings’ and hit ‘Reset’ button
6. Click on ‘Close’ and ‘OK’ (if needed, change your homepage)

Google Chrome

1. Open the browser and choose Chrome menu button
2. Move to ‘Settings’ section and then click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’
3. Now click on ‘Reset browser settings’ and then choose ‘Reset’ button.

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