BlockTheAdApp Removal

What is BlockTheAdApp?

BlockTheAdApp is an advertising-supported program that is compatible with all popular browsers. It is promoted as an exact opposite of what it actually is. BlockTheAdApp developers claim that it is a useful program that will improve your Internet experience by blocking unwanted ads. In reality, however, BlockTheAdApp will do anything but that. The program will provide you with unnecessary links and redirect you to third-party websites. Besides it being a nuisance BlockTheAdApp can be potentially harmful to your PC. We suggest you remove BlockTheAdApp as soon as you can.


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How does BlockTheAdApp work?

BlockTheAdApp usually comes bundled with freeware that you can download online. In other cases the unwanted program can be embedded into e-mails. If you want to stay away from adware and other potentially unwanted programs you need to choose reliable sources and read all of the installation information attentively as in most cases you will be able to deselect the unnecessary applications.

BlockTheAdApp’s main purpose is to increase the traffic of the pages that it promotes. Which means that you will be bombarded with a variety of ads, banners, sponsored links and pop-ups that may seem useful only because BlockTheAdApp will be recording your Internet habits in order to personalize the ads. These adverts will slow down your computer speed. Moreover, the ads that you will be presented with may promote other unwanted programs such as optimization software, various browser toolbars, add-ons and more. You should never click on any of these links as the programs you download may not just be unwanted, they may actually be malicious.

Keeping BlockTheAdApp on your PC would not prove to be beneficial to you in any way. In fact, it would cause you nothing but trouble and disturbance. If you do not wish to risk your computer safety you should immediately remove BlockTheAdApp from your PC.

How to remove BlockTheAdApp?

You can quickly and easily terminate BlockTheAdApp by using a malware removal tool such as SpyHunter. It can eliminate BlockTheAdApp, scan your PC for other threats and safeguard it from future infections. Automatic removal is always a more reliable option as it will delete BlockTheAdApp completely. However, if you choose to uninstall BlockTheAdApp manually you can do that by accessing Control Panel and choosing Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP or Uninstall a program in other Windows systems and selecting BlockTheAdApp. Afterwards you should also reset your browser settings. Instructions on how to do that are presented below.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the wrench icon in top right corner
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Choose Advanced tab
  4. Click Reset
  5. Enable Delete personal Settings
  6. Click on Reset again

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on Help
  2. Select Troubleshooting information
  3. Click Reset Firefox
  4. Confirm Reset Firefox
  5. Select Finish

Google Chrome

  1. Click on Google Chrome menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click on Show advanced settings
  4. Scroll down and click on Reset browser settings
  5. Click Reset once againDownload Removal Toolto remove BlockTheAdApp



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