Atieclxx.exe Removal

Tips on how to terminate Atieclxx.exe

Atieclxx.exe is a legitimate executable Windows file. It belongs to AMD External Events which is related to Ati Graphic card drivers. Atieclxx.exe is necessary for the graphic card to function normally. In some cases, however, the file could be used by a malicious program to infect your computer system. If your computer has been working more slowly because of this file or if it is taking over the virtual memory of your computer then you are not using a secure Atieclxx.exe file.

If the file has been corrupted by cyber criminals it means that your computer is infected by malware. In that case you should delete Atieclxx.exe as soon as possible.

How to determine if Atieclxx.exe is corrupted?

Keep in mind that you should only eliminate Atieclxx.exe if it is corrupted, because if your remove the real file your ATI Graphic card will stop working. Usually Atieclxx.exe is stored in C:\Windows\System32 directory and the size of the file is 348,160 bytes. If the file is bigger than that this could be the first sign that it is corrupted. Moreover, you need to check if the file has been digitally signed. Right-click on the file and select Properties. Then click on the Digital Signatures tab. If you do not see any reliable data presented it is also a sign that the file could be malicious. The last method you can use in order to check if the file is legitimate or not is by using an anti-malware tool.


System files have a message-digest algorithm called MD5 that is a unique digital signature. The MD5 of Atieclxx.exe is 46b175d56d7235d700394ed99050617f. The security program can check MD5 of the file and determine if it is malicious. You can use a malware scanner to scan your computer and check whether Atieclxx.exe file is a threat and whether there are other files on your computer that are corrupted as well.

How to remove Atieclxx.exe from my PC?

It is clear that if the file is indeed a threat you will have to uninstall Atieclxx.exe from your computer. Fortunately, this can also be done with the help of a malware removal tool. If you performed a system scan and it discovered the malicious file or files then you need to remove them. The security utility can do that for you. All you will have to do is click on the Fix Threats button. After your system is infection-free the security tool will make sure to keep it that way by preventing other online attacks.

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