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How to remove Alphashoppers


What is Alphashoppers

Pop-ups and reroutes such as alphashoppers are usually happening because some adware has installed onto your operating system. Hurried freeware set ups generally result in adware threats. If they’re unfamiliar with the clues, not all users will come to the conclusion that it’s indeed an adware on their devices. Adware’s main intent is not to directly jeopardize your PC, it simply intends to flood your screen with adverts. However, if it managed to redirect you to a harmful page, adware might bring about a much more severe infection. We strongly advise you abolish alphashoppers before it may cause more damage.

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Remove Clean My Chrome 1.0.1

Clean My Chrome 1.0.1

What can be said about this browser extension

Clean My Chrome 1.0.1 is a questionable browser extension that sets up together with free application. Users normally get invaded when they inattentively set up freeware, and what happens is your browser’s settings are altered and the browser adjoins the add-on. Continue reading

Remove Tabs 2 Grid Virus

Tabs 2 Grid Virus

What is Tabs 2 Grid Virus?

You have become one of the victims of Tabs 2 Grid Virus if you have discovered a new extension called Tabs 2 Grid installed on your Google Chrome browser without your knowledge. This extension is considered to be malicious by experts. It has been classified as malicious because it is usually installed on users’ browsers without their knowledge. Continue reading

Information about Muvflix Adware


About this threat

Muvflix is a movie streaming website that supposedly allows you to watch the latest movies. It is a scam website and seems to be promoted via adware. If you stumble upon the website once or twice, it probably happened accidentally but if you are constantly redirected to it, there’s a good chance that adware is present on your computer. Continue reading

Remove Amazon Assistant Virus

Amazon Assistant Virus

About this infection

Pop-ups and redirects such as Amazon Assistant Virus are usually occurring due to an ad-supported application set up. If ads or pop-ups hosted on that page are popping up on your screen, then you must have recently set up free application, and in that way permitted adware to arrive into your operating system. As adware might infiltrate undiscovered and may be working in the background, some users aren’t even spot the ad-supported software making home on their computers. Adware’s prime aim is not to directly endanger your computer, it simply aims to flood your screen with advertisements. It might, however, lead you to a damaging domain, which might allow malware to enter your operating system. If you want to keep your computer protected, you will need to eliminate Amazon Assistant Virus.

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Remove DNS Unlocker


DNS Unlocker Removal Guide

DNS Unlocker is an adware that is disguised as a useful tool to fool an unsuspecting user. The adware is created on CloudGuard/CloudScout platform. It presents itself as a program that can help you to access websites and media that are blocked by your Internet service provider or the government due to regional reasons.

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Remove Glass Bottle


Glass Bottle Removal Guide

Glass Bottle is one more ad-supported application developed by the well known SuperWeb LLC. The adware starts nefarious activities the moment it enters your computer. It will show you numerous annoying ads, track your online habits, and so on.

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Remove Air Globe


Air Globe Removal Tips

Air Globe is an advertising supported application developed by SuperWeb LLC. The software enters user’s computer using a deceptive marketing method called bundling and immediately starts showing advertisements in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. At this moment is is not compatible with Google Chrome, but you still should remain vigilant.

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Remove Razor Web Ads


Razor Web Ads Removal Instructions

If you see Razor Web Ads in your browsers, it means that you have an ad-supported application on your PC. The adware is called Razor Web and its main purpose is to promote its sponsors. The application has an official website at, however, it is not very useful, as it does not have a download button.

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Remove IncreaseApp

How to remove IncreaseApp

Based on JustPlugIn engine, IncreaseApp is a random name adware that enters your system in a clandestine manner and starts showing numerous advertisements in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

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Remove Picexa


Picexa Removal Guide

Develeoped by Taiwan Shui Mu Chih Ching Technology Limited, Picexa is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) promoted as a useful tool which is supposed to enrich your image viewing experience. According to its creators, the software supports 67 formats and will enable you to zoom in the images.

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