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If you have opened a web browser and discovered that the start page has been switched to, there is no doubt that you have just become a victim of the infamous browser hijacker. In reality, the search tool should be treated as a PUP, or potentially unwanted program, because it cannot change your home page and search provider settings without your knowledge. In order to initiate the modifications of your browser settings you need to click appropriate boxes.

As soon as you choose to ‘Install search provider’ and ‘Install homepage’ you are routed to the Chrome Web store and the Mozilla Add-ons where you need to choose to applications yourself. If you are operating Internet Explorer, you are prompted with a setup page where you have to confirm the changes. All in all, we can help you remove if you want this.

How does act?

As soon as you change your home page and search provider settings, you probably will use the installed tools to browse the web. As research shows, the search applications are authentic and can provide reliable search results. Needless to say, like most search tool may use HTTP cookies to collect information regarding your virtual activity. If you deactivate these cookies, the search engine will not provide you with personalized web search suggestions. Nonetheless, this is a security measure that is recommended to all computer users. In case you have discovered the search engine useless altogether, you should research and apply a different, more reliable search tool. Do you know how to perform this seemingly complicated task? Our security experts have discovered that it is not that difficult to delete the undesirable search tools.


How to remove

Do you want to delete from your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers? In order to succeed at this task you need to change the settings of your browsers, and we recommend that you perform the task using the steps provided below. Alternatively, click the download button below and install an automatic malware remover Spyhunter. This reliable Windows security tool can also delete potentially undesirable programs like the search provider. Please post a comment below if you have further questions about the removal of the undesirable software and browser add-ons.

How to delete from browsers?

Remove from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Firefox, click the icon on the search box and select Manage Search Engines.
  2. Click the undesirable search provider, select Remove and then hit OK.
  3. Simultaneously tap Alt+T and select Options.
  4. Click the General tab and click the drop-down menu under When Firefox Starts.
  5. Select Show my home page and navigate to the Home Page.
  6. Overwrite/remove the provided URL and click ok.

Delete from Google Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome, simultaneously tap Alt+F and select Settings.
  2. Move to On Startup, mark Open a specific page or set of pages and click Set pages.
  3. Now change/remove the displayed URL and click OK.
  4. Go to Appearance and mark Show Home button.
  5. Click Change and repeat step 3 to remove the unwanted home button page.
  6. Navigate to Search and click Manage search engines.
  7. Choose a new default search provider, remove (click X) the undesirable one and hit OK.

Uninstall from Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch IE, simultaneously tap Alt+T and select Internet Options.
  2. Click the General tab, change/remove the Home Page and hit OK.
  3. Simultaneously tap Alt+T and select Manage Add-ons.
  4. From the menu on the left select Search Providers.
  5. Click the undesirable search provider, select Remove and then Close.

Download Removal Toolto remove



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