2014 The Top Countries For Cybercrime

What were the most popular countries among cyber criminals in 2014?

Today more than anytime before the world of cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate. Internet became a perfect place to commit an anonymous, fast, and highly rewarding crime. Cyberworld knows no borders and their field of potential victims is the whole world. Considering all that it is no wonder that cyber criminal today is dynamic, always changing, and harder to catch than ever.

2014 The Top Countries For Cybercrime

Source: Symantec – Last update 7/25/14

According Symantec the system is based on six sections: share of malicious computer activity, malicious code rank, spam zombies rank, phishing web site hosts rank, bot rank, and attack origin rank. The survey shows that while USA still dominates the biggest part of cybercrime world, other countries step by step reduces the gap. China, for example, is home to 9% of the world’s total. It looks like China, with its strict internet censor policies is defenseless against real cyber criminals. Nevertheless, 9% is still a relatively low number compared with 23% that represent the USA share of malicious computer activities. Some experts say that this number may be exaggerated, since a lot of countries use American English as their computer’s default language and thus can be confused with USA. However, the others claim that the number is natural, given the broad range of available broadband connections that allow to keep constant connectivity to the net. At any rate, no one can doubt that the USA produces more cyber criminals than any other country making it a leader in malicious code, phishing web site hosts, and attack origin categories. The leader of bot rank is China while Brazil leads in the rank of spam zombies.

Most Targeted Industry Sectors

The variety of countries that participates in cybercrime grows too. In its annual report on cyber crime situation in the world, Symantec used a few contributing factors to determine in which regions cybercrime is concentrated. This allowed them to construct a ranking system and present us with a list of top cybercrime countries which we will overview in the following article.

2014 The Top Countries For Cybercrime

Major Threats and Countries Subjected to Attacks

German, Britain, Spain, Italy, France, and Poland are Europe countries that belongs to this list too. Together they produce 24% of the world’s “pie” of malicious computer activities which is 1% more that the USA part. Basically, it can be said that Europe and the USA are responsible for more than a half share of the world’s malicious computer activities. Brazil with 4% shares the fifth and sixth place with Spain. Steadily growing India provides 3% of the world’s malware. At the end of this list stands another nine countries like Russia, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, etc. that produce 1% or 2 % of the world’s malware.


Cybercrime can originate from any part of the world. While developed countries are still responsible for the bigger part of the world’s cybercrime the other regions do their share too. Cyber criminals from developing countries where labor is cheap and the majority of IT experts choose to immerse themselves in the world of cybercrime have great perspectives. The rest of us can only hope for stronger and more resistant software, because on our own we do not stand a chance

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