Remove Motitags Toolbar


What is Motitags Toolbar?

Motitags Toolbar is a browser extension that is sometimes classified as a potentially unwanted program or adware. It is supposed to provide you with various emoticons that you will be able to add to your e-mails, instant messages and blog posts. The application is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. It is owned by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. The toolbar has an official page, where it can be downloaded.

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What is is a browser hijacker that usually comes bundled with a potentially unwanted application called Offertz. You can download this program at its official website When you install the potentially unwanted software, you are usually prompted with an offer to install as well. If you agree to it, even without realizing it, your home page will be modified.

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Remove CinemaPro 1.5

What is CinemaPro 1.5?

CinemaPro 1.5 is a browser extension classified as adware. The ad-supported application is promoted as a useful tool that can improve your video viewing possibilities. It is supposed to help you watch YouTube videos in a better quality and allow you to dim the lights around the video to create a ‘cinema experience’. There is no guarantee that the program will deliver on its promises. What you can be sure of, however, is that it will present you with various commercial data. Pop-ups, banners, sponsored links and other types of ads will become a big part of your browsing. If you want to get rid of these unnecessary distractions, we suggest you delete CinemaPro 1.5 from your computer. Continue reading

TranslationBuddy Toolbar Removal

What is TranslationBuddy Toolbar?

TranslationBuddy Toolbar is a browser extension developed by Mindspark Interactive Network Inc. It is a toolbar that allows you to translate websites into different languages. It also provides you with other features like identifying a language, learning a new word a day, installing multilingual virtual keyboards and more.

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Remove Techgile

What is Techgile?

Techgile is one of many adware programs developed by SuperWeb LLC. The company is infamous for its ad-supported applications like Klip Pal, Fortunitas, SaveOn, SunriseBrowse, HypeNet, Malt Mark and many more. These programs are usually promoted as something they are not. Techgile, for example, is advertised as an application that can help you save money while shopping online.

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Remove Browser Apps

What is Browser Apps?

Browser Apps is an ad-supported application that was built using the Crossrider engine. It is similar to other programs of this group like CrossReader, Delve, Savings Wave and many more. Browser Apps is promoted as a tool that will help you save money while shopping online by providing you with various deals, coupons, attractive offers and so on. Although that is how the program is promoted on its main page, that is not how it actually works.

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What is is a potentially unwanted application that can be classified as adware or a browser hijacker. It usually enters your computer system together with freeware or shareware and causes various changes in your browsers. appears in all of your browsers once installed. It may modify your home page, new tab page and default search engine.

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Remove dsrlte.exe

What is Dsrlte.exe?

Dsrlte.exe is an executable file that is categorized as an adware helper. The file was digitally signed by Pay-by-Ads Ltd and is usually stored in C:\user\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\pay-by-ads\yahoo! search\\. Adware helpers assist ad-supported programs by providing them with updates, helping them enter a computer system and so on. Once your PC gets infected with adware, you will notice that it fills all of your browsers with various commercial content.

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What is is a browser hijacker that travels bundled with iToolbox Toolbar. The hijacker functions on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is published by Ex MarketPlace LLC. The toolbar has an official page where it is promoted as a search enhanced tool that will speed up your browsing experience by allowing you to access the top topic of the day based on your search preferences.

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AdvanceElite Removal

What is AdvanceElite?

AdvanceElite is one of many adware programs created by SuperWeb LLC. It is similar to other applications of this company like Cling-Clang, SaveOn, Mossnet, Gooternet and many more. The official website of the adware also looks similar to other websites of SuperWeb. It presents the application as a useful add-on that will help you save money by providing you with coupons, offers and deals.

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How to remove YTDownloader Virus

What is YTDownloader?

YTDownloader is classified as an ad-supported application. It is promoted as a browser plugin that is supposed to let you download videos from YouTube and convert them into various formats including FLV, MP4, AVI, MP3, MOV and more. The application is promoted as a useful tool that you can use to watch videos offline, however, what you should keep in mind is that it is not the main reason the program was created.

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