Remove Critroni Ransomware


Advices on Critroni Ransomware Removal

Critroni Ransomware, also known as Crypto Ransomware, Critroni.A or Critoni virus, is a malicious program that enters your system, encrypts your files and restricts access to them. It prompts you with a message that states you need to pay a fee in order to get a decryption key and restore your files. It is not very likely that that will happen even if you do pay the so-called ransom. Trusting cyber criminals to keep their word is not something we would advise. You should terminate Critroni Ransomware yourself. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if you will regain access to your files.

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Remove Settings Manager

What is Settings Manager?

Settings Manager is a potentially unwanted application that was developed by Aztec Media. It comes bundled with freeware and shareware and installs itself without user’s permission. Settings Manager is promoted as a useful tool that will better your browsing experience which is basically how every potentially unwanted program is advertised. It is compatible with all popular web browsers and in most of them Settings Manager also installs a toolbar. Continue reading Removal

What is is a browser hijacker developed by Genieo Innovation Ltd. It is similar to,, and other programs of this type. Although it has an official website where the software can be acquired, it usually gets installed via bundled downloads. The bundling method is often used by potentially unwanted programs in order to get access to the user’s PC. If you download software from pages like,, and others you are very likely to get stuck with a browser hijacker or some other PUP. Continue reading Removal

What is is a browser hijacker which is truly compatible with all major browsers and behaves in a similar way to,,, etc. It is advertised as an add-on that will somehow improve your browsing experience. Instead, hijacks your browser by replacing your home page and default search engine.

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Remove iLivid

What is iLivid?

iLivid is a free download manager that was created by Bandoo Media Inc. The program is supposed to help you download and watch videos from third-party hosted websites like YouTube. iLivid comes bundled with other programs such as Tourch browser, Ask Toolbar, VLC player and more. It is not a trustworthy application. The software may affect your browser settings and since it is bundled with freeware you will most likely be presented with various ads and pop-ups while you surf the Web.

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FilesFrog Update Checker Removal

What is FilesFrog Update Checker?

FilesFrog Update Checker is a software updater that was created in order to look for updates for programs that you download at It launches automatically every time you turn on your computer and works in the background. FilesFrog Update Checker is classified as a potentially unwanted application. It was developed by Somoto Ltd. Continue reading

Optimizer Pro v3.2 Removal

What is Optimizer Pro v3.2?

Optimizer Pro v3.2 is advertised as a system optimization tool. The program was created by PC Utilities Ltd and is supposed to scan your computer for various issues and remove them thus improving your system performance. However, the only way you will be able to find out for sure if it can follow through on its promises is by purchasing the application for 29.95$. Continue reading

MyPC Backup Removal

What is MyPC Backup?

MyPC Backup is a legitimate program created by JDI Backup Limited. It is a desktop application that allows you to store your data online. The program makes copies of your photos, videos, documents and other files and sends them to the Cloud. You can access the Cloud whenever you want using any device as long as you can connect to the Internet. MyPC Backup is a useful program, however, it does have some negative features. Continue reading

Remove PennyBee Ads

What is PennyBee Ads?

If you constantly see PennyBee Ads in your browsers your computer must be infected with an ad-supported program. PennyBee is promoted as a useful tool that “was developed to serve those who are always looking for the best deals online”. The program is supposed to present you with the best offers in accordance to the searches that you make. All of this is presented on the official website of the program

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What is is a browser hijacker that can affect all of your browsers. It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. may enter your computer system bundled with freeware and shareware. It is important to pay more attention to the installation process of these programs if you want to avoid browser hijackers and other potentially unwanted applications. may look like a legitimate website that allows you to search for information online, but once you start using it you will realize that it is not.

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Remove Pushdo Trojan

Tips on Pushdo Trojan Removal

Pushdo Trojan, also known as Backdoor:win32/Pushdo.A, is a vicious Trojan infection that can severely damage your computer. It first appeared in September 2007. The program can drop other malware onto your PC, steal your private data and send it to a remote server. Pushdo Trojan has no interface which makes it difficult to spot.

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