Remove PriceCongres


What is PriceCongres?

PriceCongres is an advertising supported application created by Simply Tech LTD. It can affect Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. This program secretly enters your computer and starts showing numerous annoying ads. What is more, you cannot trust these ads, since the software is not responsible for their contents. All in all, it is a highly untrustworthy application which can cause you many problems. We strongly recommend to delete PriceCongres from your computer. Continue reading

Blockandsurf Removal

BlockAndSurf Removal Guide

BlockAndSurf, also spelled Block-N-Surf, is a browser extension that is classified as an ad-supported application or adware for short. It was created by Revizer Technology Ltd. and is promoted as a tool that will help you avoid unwanted online content.

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Remove Removal Guide

Categorized as a browser hijacker, is not an application you should keep in your system. This hijacker is identical to such applications like Vosteran, Astromenda, and Binkiland. The secretive and untrustworthy software should be removed as soon as you notice it in your computer. It will take over you browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome) and change their home pages, default search engines, and new tab pages.

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Why you need to remove Virus is a suspicious search engine that keeps evolving to confuse malware researchers and unsuspecting computer users. This search tool is often identified as a browser hijacker because it can change the home page and the default search provider of running browsers. However, according to our research, Virus cannot initiate any modifications without the user’s knowledge. Of course, it is impossible to say if the infection could not be reconfigured to corrupt browsers without permission. Continue reading


You might think that your computer is infected with if you notice that your homepage and search engine have been changed to Actually, it is not exactly true because a browser hijacker hides behind the name of It does not really matter how you call it because it is still very important that you get rid of because, which will replace your homepage and default search provider, is not a reliable search engine. In order to delete this browser hijacker from the system and set your preferred homepage and search engine again, you should follow our manual removal instructions step by step. These instructions are placed below the article, so you should scroll down in order to find them. Continue reading

Remove Removal Tips is an intrusive browser hijacker that can affect all of your browsers. It was created by SuperNet Technology Co., Limited. The hijacker modifies browser settings by changing your home page and default search engine, and in some cases even adds extensions to them. The unwanted program is distributed together with free software.

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Remove DropDrans

DropDrans Removal Instructions

DropDrans (or TrojanDownloader:Win32/Dropdrans.A) is categorized as a Trojan downloader. It is used by cyber criminals when they wish to have a direct access to your computer and in the past, it may have installed some really malicious applications into your PC.

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Remove Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.D

Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.D Removal Tips

Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.D is a Trojan horse that belongs to Win64/Sirefef family. It was first detected in 2012. The infection consists of .exe and .dll files with random names. These files can be seen in Windows Task Manager. The Trojan targets computers that run on 32-bit CPUs.

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Remove Removal Guide is an untrustworthy website used by the intrusive adware application. If you are infected with the ad-supported program, you will constantly be routed to this page or may even find this website as your new home page.

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Remove Popdeals

Popdeals Removal Guide

Popdeals is an adware application created on JustPlugit engine. Like many other advertising supported programs, popdeals uses bundling to secretly enter your computer and start showing you the ads. This adware may also install extensions in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, while the latest Google Chrome version blocks it.

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