GuardBytes Plus Removal

GuardBytes Plus

What is GuardBytes Plus?

GuardBytes Plus is a rogue anti-spyware program that can affect any Windows system. The application may look like it is legitimate, but that is not the case. It belongs to a family of malware called Braviax, also known as FakeRean. Other threats that belong to this family like Rango MultiRogue 2014, Zorton Multirogue 2014, A-Secure 2015 and Sirius Multirogue 2014 are all rather similar. Once GuardBytes Plus enters your system, it initiates a fake scan. The results of this scan are always more or less the same: your PC is full of infections and you can save it only by purchasing the full version of the software. This misleading information is a trick used by cyber criminals to scare computer users into wasting their money. You should not even consider upgrading the program as it will not do you any good. Instead, you should terminate GuardBytes Plus as soon as you can. Continue reading

Remove Lampy Lighty

What is Lampy Lighty?

Lampy Lighty is an adware created by the SuperWeb LLC. It is supposed to be very useful and illuminating for your online shopping, unfortunately it turns out to be a huge disappointment. This application infiltrates all your major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer and starts showing numerous commercial advertisements. Often just the existence of these highly irritating and intrusive advertisements are more than enough to make the users eliminate Lampy Lighty. Additionally, we warn you that these ads have proven to be unreliable and even dangerous, so you should definitely stay away from them. We strongly recommend to delete Lampy Lighty right away. Continue reading

Remove Gate Snapper

Gate Snapper Removal Instructions

Gate Snapper is categorized as an adware-supported application and is basically another typical Super web infection. It affects Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but the latest version of Google Chrome blocks it. The knowledge that a reputable browser does not allow you to use Gate Snapper should be the first indicator that something is wrong with this program. And indeed this adware floods the user with advertisements and soon becomes really irritating. We recommend to delete Gate Snapper from your computer.

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Remove TightVNC

TightVNC Removal Tips

TightVNC is a remote administration tool which allows the user to control a computer through some distance. Originally it was created as a helpful and legitimate program, unfortunately sometimes malware disguises itself to look like TightVNC and then the user has to deal with many problems. As soon as TightVNC or its alias WinVNC.exe enters a new computer, it starts performing nasty tricks. If you noticed this software inside your system, we suggest to delete TightVNC as soon as possible.

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Remove Deja Data

Deja Data Removal Guide (Remove Deja Data)

Deja Data is an adware application developed by SuperWeb LLC. It is classified as an ad-supported program, because it displays various commercial data in your web browsers. Deja Data is promoted at its official webpage as a tool that will help you “speed through your searches”. However, if you try downloading the application from its main page, you will not have any luck.

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How to remove is a deceitful browser hijacker that can change your browser settings and present you with a fake update. The hijacker modifies your home page, so every time you try to access the Web, you are greeted with this site. The website itself claims to be bringing you Media Player upgrade. It states that this update provides you with superior HD video performance, faster graphics, security enhancements and more.

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Remove WizLine Toolbar

WizLine Toolbar Removal Instructions

WizLine Toolbar is a browser extension that is connected to adware creators. This program can insert advertisements in the search results and modify them. The toolbar was created for Korean users, but it is possible to encounter it in any other part of the world too. At this moment it affects only Internet Explorer, but there could be other versions of this program that affects other browsers.

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Remove VirLock Virus

How to delete VirLock Virus

VirLock virus is a ransomware application that enters your system and presents you with a fake message. It claims that your computer has been blocked automatically because of the pirated software found on it. The “National Security Bureau” notification is completely fake. The only reason you see it is because your PC was infected with VirLock.

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Remove Caramava Deals

How to remove Caramava Deals

Caramava is an adware application that displays various advertisements labeled ‘Caramava Deals’, ‘Powered by Caramava’ and similar. It is distributed via third party freeware. The program belongs to SuperWeb LLC. You may have already heard about this company as it has developed a number of ad-supported programs that are practically useless.

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Remove VeberGreat Ads

What is ‘VeberGreat Ads’?

If you started noticing VeberGreat Ads in random pages and in all your main browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firef0x) it means that your computer was infiltrated by the advertising supported software. is an official website where the direct download is available, but it often travels bundled with freeware too. The creators of this program claim that it will enrich your browsing experience by presenting to you various pop-ups, pop-unders, web banners, various coupons, and so on. However, despite these promises many users are left disappointed and search for a way to get rid of VeberGreat Ads. If you are one of them, we suggest to read this article and find out how to delete VeberGreat Ads. Continue reading


What is is a browser hijacker that infiltrates all major browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. The users usually notice the hijacker when it changes their home page and default search engine. It also shows numerous commercial advertisements and promotes third parties’ websites. We recommend to delete as soon as possible. Continue reading