Remove Savings Plugin

Savings_Plugi virus

How to remove Savings Plugin adware (Removal Guide)

Savings Plugin is an adware application that functions as a browser extension. Some users think that it is a dangerous computer infection because it exhibits annoying and intrusive behavior. Nevertheless, Savings Plugin is very far from being a genuine computer virus. Adware applications are not malicious threats because they do not enter computers surreptitiously, and yet it is not a good idea to keep one on your PC. Continue reading

Pandemiya is a new Zeus Trojan

Pandemiya is a new commercial Trojan that is an alternative to a more well-known Zeus Trojan. Pandemiya was developed in order to collect sensitive data by stealing confidential files and login details off of the infected system and injecting your browsers with fake webpages such as lotteries, surveys, etc. to gather even more information about the computer user. Pandemiya can also take snapshots of the infected PC screen. It is not that easy to spot the Trojan in your system. Continue reading

Remove Offersbar (Guide on Offersbar Removal)

Advices on how to remove Offersbar

What is Offersbar?

If your home page and default search engine have been switched to it means that your computer has been infected with a browser hijacker. The main purpose of a browser hijacker is to promote various websites. It will redirect you to these pages and display adverts on your screen in order to do so. Offersbar may also install browser extensions in your browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The program should not be trusted and the sooner you delete Offersbar the better.

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Remove Deal Keeper

If you think that Deal Keeper is a useful program which will help you save money whilst shopping online – you may get highly disappointed. This is because the program has been linked to illegal schemers’ practices, and we do not recommend running it on your personal computer. Do you think that it is not risky to use the extension on your browser? Continue reading


Tips on Removal

If you are not sure how your default home page and search provider on Internet browsers has been changed to, it is a sign that you should be more attentive then installing software programs. The search engine is promoted by bundled installers, and, if you want to prevent changes on your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, you should read the license agreement and deselect check boxes related to your browsers when installing any free program.

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What is is a website that will be set as your home page once you get infected with a browser hijacker. It will also appear as your default search engine. The hijacker enters your system and makes these changes without your permission. It has been linked to Montiera technologies. If you are wondering how you acquired in the first place you should remember what programs you have recently installed.

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What is is a webpage that you will constantly see if you install a browser hijacker onto your system. enters your computer through download programs that are used on freeware and shareware websites. This method of distribution is called bundling. If you download a free application and do not pay much attention to the installation process you can easily end up with a browser hijacker or some other unwanted program.

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Remove Fast Start

What is Fast Start?

Fast Start is a potentially unwanted program that is linked to various browser hijackers. Fast Start is identical to Quick Start, the only difference between the applications is that Quick Start is the name used in Google Chrome whereas Fast Start usually only works on Mozilla Firefox. Both of these programs were created by It is most likely that Fast Start has entered your computer system along with some freeware or shareware application. In most cases if you have installed Fast Start you are also very likely to have added a browser hijacker like, or to your PC as well. You do not need any of these programs on your computer which is why you should delete Fast Start along with other potentially unwanted software you may have acquired. Continue reading Removal

What is is a browser hijacker that was developed by Brasilog Comerio Technology Co., Ltd. The company also has rights to, yet another browser hijacker. Unfortunately, there is nothing safe about The program enters your system and modifies your browser settings without your permission. Its main objective is to promote various websites and make profit no matter what the consequences for the computer user may be. may have entered your system with some free third-party program. Browser hijackers are usually compatible with all web browsers. So if you want to get rid of you will have to delete the program it came bundled with. Continue reading

Remove Ask Toolbar

What is Ask Toolbar?

Ask Toolbar is a free browser extension that works on all popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It is a legitimate program that you can download at, the official page of the application. Ask Toolbar program is not malicious and using it is completely safe. The only concerning thing about the program is that it can come bundled with freeware or shareware. If you skip through the installation process of the free software you may not notice that you have agreed to installing Ask Toolbar and that it will make certain changes to your PC. If you do not wish to keep the program on your computer you can uninstall Ask Toolbar manually. Continue reading

RocketTab Removal

What is Rockettab?

Rockettab is promoted as a tool that will provide you with “best, fastest and most comprehensive local search experience”. In any case, that is how the program is described on its official webpage where it can be downloaded. On that page you will also find an extended explanation of how the application works, how it is beneficial to the computer user and how it “relies on minimal advertising”. Needless to say, the last part is not exactly true. Once Rockettab gets installed on your browsers you will see lots of adverts on your screen. Moreover, not all of these ads can be trusted as the program is not responsible for the content of the ads it provides. If you want to keep your system safe and not risk exposing it to corrupted pages you should delete Rockettab. Continue reading