Remove ‘I am shocked!!!!’ Video Scams Going Viral on Facebook

I am shocked! Video Scams Going Viral on Facebook-

‘I am shocked!!!!’ Video Scams Going Viral on Facebook Removal

There are several Facebook video related scams that you could encounter while on the popular website. One of the scams is presented as a Facebook update that reads “I am shocked!!! I’m NEVER texting AGAIN since I found this out. Video here: – Worlwide scandal!”. The other scam that is extremely similar is entitled “I am shocked!!! The teacher nearly killed this boy. Video here: – Worldwide scandal!”.

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Remove SaveOn

What is SaveOn?

SaveOn is an adware program that is promoted as a tool that is supposed to help you save money by presenting you with various coupons and deals. The program is compatible with all web browsers. Usually it enters your PC bundled with other freeware, although you may have downloaded it yourself thinking that it will be beneficial in some way.

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Remove Skywebber

What is Skywebber?

Skywebber is an adware program created by SuperWeb LLC. The company is responsible for a great variety of potentially unwanted applications and adware including SaveOn, PodoWeb, SunriseBrowse, Yula and many others.

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Remove etmajyzoqm64.exe

How to delete Adware.Adpeak

Etmajyzoqm64.exe is an executable file that exhibits certain malicious and intrusive behavior. It belongs to the Adware.Adpeak family. If you have noticed this file on your system you probably have one of the Adpeak programs on your computer. Adpeak is a software publisher that is responsible for many adware applications like Scorpion Saver, GetSaving and more.

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Remove Norpalla

What is Norpalla?

Norpalla is an ad-supported application that presents you with various offers, coupons and deals. It was created by a company called SuperWeb LLC that is infamous for its potentially unwanted applications like WebSpades, Blarble, Browse Mark and others. Norpalla is no different. Its description given on the official website is vague and not exactly truthful. Even if you wanted to download the program from the webpage, you could not.

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Remove Defru virus

Tips on Defru Virus Removal

Defru virus, also known as Rogue:Win32/Defru is a rogue anti-spyware program that mostly attacks computers in Russia. It blocks the page that you try to access and presents you with a fake message that your computer is infected with malware. In order to remove the non-existent viruses you are supposed to pay from 4$ to 6$.

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Remove Random Audio Ads Virus

Tips on Random Audio Ads Virus Removal

Random Audio Ads Virus is a computer infection that causes various audio ads to appear in your browsers. The reason this happens could be because your PC is infected with malware or adware. If you have recently installed freeware you may have acquired a malicious browser extension that now causes audio adverts to appear in all of your browsers.

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What is is an unreliable program classified as a browser hijacker. It modifies your browser settings without your permission and has other undesirable features. The program is distributed via bundled downloads and does not have any beneficial qualities. is similar to other applications of this type like,,, and more. None of these programs should be kept on the computer. They have nothing to offer and may actually expose you to dangerous web content. If you want to improve your online security and make sure you are provided with truthful data you should delete Continue reading

Webssearches Virus Removal

What is Webssearches Virus?

Webssearches Virus is a browser hijacker created by EMG Technology Limited. It belongs to Qvo6 family and behaves in a similar way to other applications of this type like Webssearches Virus comes bundled with freeware and shareware and is installed silently. It changes your browser settings and you can not undo them manually. If you accidentally allowed these changes to be made and never wanted the program to take over your web browsers you should delete Webssearches Virus. There is no reason for you to keep it on your PC as it will not be beneficial in any way. Continue reading

EZ YouTube Video Downloader Removal

What is EZ YouTube Video Downloader?

EZ YouTube Video Downloader is an application that allows you to download videos from YouTube. After you download the program from or some other freeware hosting site like, a download button appears under all YouTube videos that you watch. If you click on that button you can download the video in 3GP, FLV, MP4 or some other format. EZ YouTube Video Downloader may seem like a useful application, however, it is classified as a potentially unwanted program, because it tends to be bundled with other freeware and can expose you to unsafe third party content. We recommend you delete EZ YouTube Video Downloader. Continue reading

Remove Warning: SYSTEM MAY HAVE FOUND VIRUSES on your computer Ad

What is Warning: SYSTEM MAY HAVE FOUND VIRUSES on your computer Ad?

Warning: SYSTEM MAY HAVE FOUND VIRUSES on your computer Ad is a fake alert that may appear in your browsers if your computer is infected with an ad-supported application. You should not click on this ad under any circumstances, because the message is completely false and if you do click on it, you will download potentially unwanted programs or even malware onto your PC.

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