Remove Video Scavenger Toolbar

Video Scavenger Toolbar

What is Video Scavenger Toolbar?

Video Scavenger Toolbar is a browser plugin developed by Mindspark Interactive Network. You may have downloaded it thinking that it will provide you with quick access to movie trailers and reviews, online music videos, entertaining webpages and so on. However, if you did not pay attention to the installation process, you most probably also agreed to certain additional offers that come with the program. The software comes bundled with Ask Web Search tools. It changes your home page to and your default search engine to If you want to get rid of these search tools you will have to delete Video Scavenger Toolbar as well. Continue reading

Shellshock Removal

What is Shellshock?

Shellshock is a new bug that has been discovered in the code of a program called Bash. Bash stands for Bourne Again Shell which is a command-line shell that allows users to launch programs and features by typing in text within the software. It is used in Mac, Linux and Unix operating systems. This bug can be used by cyber criminals in order to take remote control over a computer system, steal data stored on it and make various modifications. Shellshock is rated 10 out of 10 on the scale of vulnerabilities. It could affect up to 500 million computers worldwide. The infection is low on complexity which makes it a vulnerability that the hackers can easily exploit. Continue reading


What is is an unreliable browser hijacker that changes your settings without your permission. It can replace your home page, new tab page and default search engine. The program also adds extensions to your browsers that cause various advertisements to appear on your screen. Moreover, the program modifies your browser shortcuts. You will have to take care of all of this when you delete from your system. The hijacker comes bundled with various freeware and shareware applications. It is compatible with all popular browsers. The program is not beneficial in any way which is why we suggest you remove it from your PC. Continue reading

Remove Central Security Service Virus

What is Central Security Service Virus?

Central Security Service Virus is a hazardous malware infection that can enter your system and cause serious damage to your PC. Once it gets access to your computer, it locks your desktop and presents you with a threatening message that claims it has been sent by a government facility. It is very similar to other versions of ransomware like FBI Virus, Homeland Security Virus, European Law Enforcement Agency Virus, and many more. The notification that you see on your screen is fake and you should not follow any of the instructions presented in it. What you should do is delete Central Security Service Virus from your computer as soon as you can. Continue reading

Remove Ravnateljstvo Policije Virus

What is Ravnateljstvo Policije Virus?

Ravnateljstvo Policije Virus is a Croatian version of a well-known Paysafecard Virus. It is a ransomware application that enters your computer system and blocks access to your desktop. You are then provided with a fake notification that claims to have come from police. Ravnateljstvo Policije Virus may look like it is legitimate, but we assure you it has nothing to do with the real authorities. The main purpose of this scam is to trick people into transferring money to the cyber criminals. If your computer has been infected, you should not hesitate to terminate Ravnateljstvo Policije Virus. The longer you wait the more chances there are that other malware will be dropped on your PC as well. Continue reading

Remove Mal/MSIL-A

What is Mal/MSIL-A?

Mal/MSIL-A is a malicious program that can cause serious damage to your PC. The malware can breach your Windows Security and disable Firewall notifications. There are quite a few ways that the program is distributed, so if you do not have a reliable anti-malware utility installed on your computer, it is not surprising that you got infected. Mal/MSIL-A is indeed extremely harmful and the longer you keep it on your system the more damage it will do. You should delete Mal/MSIL-A as soon as you possibly can. Continue reading


What is is a browser hijacker that is distributed via a browser extension called GBox, Gboxapp or Gadget Box.  The installer of Gboxapp is signed by Web Pick Internet Holding Ltd. This company is responsible for a variety of potentially unwanted applications like Optimizer Pro, EZ Dwonloader, Save Click and more. Once Gbox gets installed on your computer, is set as your home page, new tab page and default search engine. Continue reading


What is is a browser hijacker that will cause all sorts of disturbances once it gets access to your computer. is one of the pages that you will be redirected to when trying to search for something online. The hijacker will prevent you from using a legitimate search engine and will also make changes to your home page and new tab page settings. Although the website itself may not look suspicious, that does not mean it should be trusted. is not a virus itself, however, it can redirect you to corrupted or hacked webpages. If you want to keep your computer infection-free, you should terminate without hesitation. Continue reading


What is is an intrusive program classified as a browser hijacker that belongs to Pinwid Ltd. It travels bundled with various freeware applications, so if you are not careful during their installation you may end up with this hijacker. Aside from changing your browser settings the program will also provide you with commercial content that you may have no interest in and redirect you to unknown websites. You should also keep in mind that some services of Pinwid Ltd could provide you with offensive or obscene data so if you do not wish to be exposed to it, you should make your online security a priority. The easiest way to do that is to delete from your PC. Continue reading

Remove Webbing virus

What is Webbing virus?

Webbing virus is technically not a virus at all, however, it does have quite a few security related issues. Webbing is an adware application that fills your browsers with unnecessary commercial content. It is similar to other programs of this type like FuNNDeals, CouponDropDown, PriceChop, and more. The application was created on justplugin engine and is distributed via InstallRex installers. Programs that travel bundled with free software are usually not trustworthy. Webbing is not an exception. Once it gets access to your PC, it may install itself under a different name like Weeebing or Weebbiinngg and similar in order to stay undetected as long as possible. We recommend you delete Webbing virus from your system. Continue reading

Remove Web Protect for Windows

What is Web Protect for Windows?

Web Protect for Windows is classified as adware or a potentially unwanted program. The application usually comes bundled with freeware and also functions as an adware helper. Web Protect for Windows is the reason you see various pop-ups and banners on your screen. It is not a beneficial program. It does not have an official page, so the only way to acquire it is by allowing it to access your PC during the installation of some other freeware. The adware should not be kept on your PC as it may expose you to unsafe web content. If you want to prevent malware infections, you should terminate Web Protect for Windows. Continue reading